Coming Clean About The Miz

Eat a dick Stunt Granny.

Eat a dick Stunt Granny.

Ok, I am officially embarrassed to say I am a fan of The Miz. John Morrison always seemed ok to me but after the latest Dirt Sheet at I am officially a fan of both. Yes, it is official, I am out of the closet of The Miz and don’t feel dirty about it. So what if I am coming out too late but it’s better to get this out in the open now instead of letting it eat away at my soul. My, dirty, sinful soul.

The simple fact that this slays the 80’s and 90’s rap video archetype is not just great, it is insanely clever for a WWE production. Why these aren’t being shown on ECW is beyond me but we all here at Stunt Granny encourage everyone to check this out. -Jeremy

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