Hulkamania Wrestling: Break son out of jail, rub princess, inject 1-Ups

Oh, I'm sure J.R. will be thrilled about that.

Oh, I'm sure J.R. will be pleased about this.

Jason Powell at alerted readers to this article at about the new “Hulkamania Wrestling” mobile video game, which looks like a giant turd. I do like how the ring is at an angle, like Fire Pro Wrestling. Jesus, did I just compare this piece of junk to Fire Pro? I’m sorry, how about WWF WrestleMania Challenge for the NES? Remember how if you were the Ultimate Warrior and you threw Andre the Giant over the top rope, he couldn’t get back in the ring? Yep, Hulk’s new game looks about that exciting. And honestly, how does Hogan continue to get his name and likeness licensed for all this stuff? American Gladiators, that fantasy fly-fishing thing (no, I’m not kidding), a grill, this… his life is a fucking trainwreck! I want to be overpaid white trash, too… better run out and get my Hulkster grill right now, dude! -Eric

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