Kevin Nash Is Still Mellow

Make the check to Kevin Nash.

Make the check to Kevin Nash.

The Baltimore Sun has two different video blogs by Kevin Eck where he interviews Kevin Nash backstage after an independent show. It’s a pretty good interview as the laid back Nash gives his thoughts on TNA and his place in the company.

There are some particularly funny things in this. His reaction to people not knowing he still wrestles is very nice. His shoulder shrug shows his total acceptance of his career at this point in time.

You gotta love how Big Kev implicates himself in drinking and driving. His honesty when talking about booking himself over if given the chance is pretty awesome. Ok, this entire thing is really good. Comparing Chris Jericho to a country Bon Jovi is classic. Of course the dummy asking if Rebbecca really got hit was astoundingly stupid. Give both of the videos a watch. They total about thirteen minutes. -Jeremy.

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