More WWE cuts, including kind of a shocker

Im gonna have a lot more time for THESE!

"I'm gonna have a lot more time for THESE!"

After some summer cleaning this past week, WWE has released another grip of superstars, including 10-year employee Stevie Richards (pretty big surprise, but he’ll find work immediately), recent signee and indy/Chikara favorite Colin Delaney (assholes), Cherry (former manager of Deuce & Domino and current hot chick I’m gonna miss), the Highlanders (with such a nothing-happening tag division, of course they’d release a tag team!), and referee Wes Adams (the guy who screwed up the Mark Henry & Matt Hardy vs. John Morrison & Miz match on ECW this past Tuesday). Oh yes, they all got “future endeavored.” I like how that’s the new euphemism, like “battling demons” or “wrestling methodically” or “quit fucking our married employees, Barbara Bush.”

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