Shelly Martinez Bringing Sexy Back….groan.

Yes, I am delicious.

Yes, I am Delicious.

TNA Knockout, Salinas, or as we like to call her here at StuntGranny, Delicious, is set to appear on yet another Fox Network reality show called “America’s Sex Symbol.” Based off the title they are trying to find a hot chick and try to convince people that their contestants and eventual winner is what all American women should strive to be. You know, that’s a better idea then picking a bunch of average people and trying to convince everyone that average is sexy. Seriously, we all know that a middle age woman with a career and a family is not the least bit sexy. How do I know this? I have MTV, VH1, Fox, NBC, ABC, ahh you get the point. Bring on the bimbos.

On a side note, Tracy Bingham whoever that is apparently hosts the show. Based on the pictures below though, they are billing Salinas by her real name of Shelly Martinez and they have stripped her of her personality. God love the Fox Network.

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