This Is An Angle Right?

Say goodbye to these babies.

Say goodbye to these babies.

Late Wednesday night word started spreading that Gail Kim was no longer with TNA. The first report I saw came from F4Online and then hit a bunch of other sites. Her pictures and nearly all mentions of her have been removed from TNA’s website and this apparently means she is done with the company. Now, it is a distinct possibility that she is done with the company and it would be quite a shock. At the same time, this is the same company that played its own audience by reporting that Kaz has been released. His release turned out to be an angle so why not Gail Kim?

If true this is a pretty shocking turn of events. She worked her way up from Chris Harris’ valet and made more of herself and an entire women’s division. Gail was the catalyst for the TNA Knockout Division. Her matches with Awesome Kong continually outshined all the other matches on Impact and PPV’s. This is a head scratcher but excuse me if I don’t buy it yet. -Jeremy

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  1. Jordan 2008-08-21 at 1:08 pm #

    She was one of the beacons of light in a dark and smog-filled TNA.

    Enough of the poeticism (and made-up words). She is good and I hope she gets a WWE job and I hope I get a hand….shake.

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