Daizee Haze Killer Promo Alert

The New ROH Video Wire has a really well done promo by Daizee Haze around the three-minute mark. Being the resident women’s wrestling guy, this is pretty much what women can bring to the table when not in the ring. Daizee speaks with a lot of passion and seemingly genuine emotion and the entire thing clicks very well. Sure she may repeat herself a bit but when given a real opportunity she absolutely killed. Maybe I am just a sucker and enjoyed that a woman was featured in a prominent role with her clothes on for a change.   Hopefully this isn’t pushed to the side and ROH continues to give their women athletes a stronger role in the company other than just eye candy. Not that there is anything wrong with making a living like that. But then….nevermind, We like women here at Stunt Granny, isn’t it obvious?

Too bad it is wasted on Rhett Titus but oh well you can’t have everything.

One other note, the crowd absolutely sucks for the in ring segments. They only got up for the Briscoes and for Steen and Generico flipping off the top rope. You could hear a homeless guy yelling for a break at one point and he was outside. Can anyone else guess where this took place? If you said Cleveland you would be right. Wait, a bad crowd in Cleveland? No fucking way! -Jeremy

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  1. Jason 2008-09-19 at 1:12 pm #

    Actually the footage after the Haze segment with the Briscoes and Steenerico was from Chicago.

    I too was impressed with Haze’s promo. The close-to-crying voice was very effective. All the other out-of-ring promos I’ve seen with her have been less than a minute and not nearly as effective.

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