Finally something to say about Jeff Hardy

WHEEEEEE! I wanna get on the fly-fly!

"WHEEEEEE! I wanna go on the fly-fly!"

According to Dave Meltzer’s report on Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Weekly… well here, let me just put it in a blockquote:

Southwest Airlines reported that Jeff Hardy was not allowed to board yesterday’s flight from Nashville after Tuesday night’s tapings, back to Raleigh, because he was intoxicated.

Southwest Airlines spokesperson Chris Mainz reported that Hardy appeared intoxicated and an airlines employee reported it and he was not allowed on the flight.

The Nashville Tennessean web site reported that Hardy was cooperative when asked to leave. Hardy was not arrested, nor was a police report filed on the incident according to Nashville airport security police. Hardy was allowed to wait it out and take a later flight home.

We’ve triple-checked our sources and realize there’s nothing much to talk about here. Jeff Hardy didn’t go cartwheeling off the wagon, tumbling down Snake River Canyon and causing his family to lose three days on the Oregon Trail. There will be no tombstone that reads “HERE LIES JEFF FUCK SHIT HAHA” the next time someone loads the game. OK, he, like many other wrestlers, has a disposition for intoxicating substances, and while we all wish he was “clean” 24 hours a day, that’s just not an option. But if an airline and/or airport security — which is more anal about this stuff than three of Jeremy’s ex-girlfriends combined — didn’t think it was a big enough deal to do more than ask him to wait a little while before boarding another flight, no one else should worry their pretty little water noggin, either. -Eric

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