Impact Is Going Live In Color

According to PWInsider here and here, TNA has finally been forced to pull their head out of their ass and moved one of their Impact tapings away from that den of retardation in Orlando. They are going to hold their October 23rd Impact taping in Las Vegas. This comes at the behest of Spike TV who must have finally realized this show is showing no potential for growth and clearly needs a shake up. This would have been a great idea if it had happened around the time TNA came to Spike TV. It could have created a generous buzz but now, well, much like everything else TNA does it is being pushed too quickly. They better start promoting it this Thursday and actually booking Impact to be good for a change and not just passable.

The saddest part of this experiment is that if it is a success TNA management can’t take credit for any of it since it wasn’t their idea. What a bunch of dopes. -Jeremy

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