Ric Flair Is Almost Single

How many more months of this?

How many more months of this?

So it is official: Ric Flair is on his way to another divorce. I found this over on Prowrestling.net in case you are wondering why I know of this probable horrible show.

His soon to be ex-wife Tiffany appeared on some show called “The Unholy Matrimony Show” and laid it all out for us. Basically she and Ric are separated and would be divorced, but the state of North Carolina is making them wait for at least one year. This is the law, and no it makes no sense. The state should have nothing to do with marriage anyway, and they are just dragging out the inevitable. What it is doing, though, is ensuring yet another year of taxable income for this marriage. Tiffany goes on to say that Ric is back to being “The Nature Boy” and apparently has no time for her. Now look, not to sound like a total pig, but if I was Ric Flair, I would have no time for her as well. He is Ric Flair and can get ass wherever he goes, so why rely on one woman? Sure, there may be the love thing, but when you are Ric Flair there is only one thing to love: random, emotionless, no-strings sex with twenty-year olds.

On a related note, we here at Stunt Granny would like to extend a shoulder or four for Tiffany to cry on if she needs one.  I mean look at her, she is a nice catch for some single guy out there. Feel free and contact us at eric@stuntgranny.com. -Jeremy

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