The Art of Wrestling – ECW Update II

There always seems to be something new that I notice every week that I watch a show that is roster thin like ECW.  At this rate, I’m not going to get to any other brands.  More changes for these folks –

Evan Bourne – For one week, he had switched to blue pants which have thankfully have not come back.  One change that he did make that week that stuck was a change in his boots.  He went from the arch on the front to an elongated M shape but was still red trimmed in white.  The most peculiar thing I noticed about them was the silver laces on the back side of the boots.  Additional silver trim was on the heel and toe of the boots.    Evan also got his last name added to the rear of his pants that are black lettering layered in red then white.  The other minor change is that he went from wearing silver arm bands above his biceps to a red band that in flanked by red.  I really like the changes in the boots but they don’t need to add the name to the pants.

The Miz– When out lending moral and physical support to his tag team partner John Morrison, the Miz was wearing a new fedora.  The fedora itself was still black.  The band changed to a silver latticed work that was interrupted at regular intervals by a black square that had a red stone in the middle of it.  On the back side of the hat was a giant sequined design that I couldn’t make out but was awful in it’s gaudiness.

Jack Swagger– A new wrestler that went basic black.  He had long, black wrist tape that ran up a quarter of the way on his forearms, black trunks, black knee pads and black boots.  I’m surprised they went this bland with him considering that they billed him as “The All American America”.  I would have expected some type of outfit in red, white and blue.  When going all black and using a last name like swagger, you’d also assume the WWE to give him a cowboy hat.  I guess two cowboys hats are enough for now.  Either way, it’s plain jane.  I’ll hope his outfit evolves as he gets some personality.

Mark Henry – I noted incorrectly yesterday that the dead lifting character had been removed from the thigh area of Henry’s singlet.  It’s on both sides in bright gold.

Matt Hardy– Another comment I made wrongly yesterday, The “MH” design appears to be on the lower left or right hand side of Hardy’s rear pocket.  The location corresponds to the side of the body it is on.  It also appears that there’s a small arced area that houses said logo that is solid rust orange with black lettering trimmed in white. – Kevin

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