The Art of Wrestling – ECW Update

The wardrobe changes are coming faster than I thought they did.  Here are a couple of minor updates on previously reviewed outfits.

The Miz – The eyes on the bottom of the shorts aren’t just on the front but also on the back.  The yin and yang design is also central on his rear, not just on the side of the legs of his shorts.  He wears a black ‘do rag with white patterns under his hat to the ring.

Mark Henry – He had his singlet upgraded to fit his weight lifting prowess and his status as the World’s Strongest Champion until Sunday.  Mark had gold trim installed around the neck, arm and leg openings.  The design of someone dead lifting moved from his thigh area to his back.  It got much larger and went from red to gold which helps it stand out more on his black singlet.  The design was removed from the thigh area but WSM remained there but was also changed to gold.  I like the change in colors but the graphic on the back is too big.

Matt Hardy – His pants got an overhaul by going to a rustic orange color and black with an almost tie dyed pattern.  The “MH” design disappeared from all of the pockets but remained just below the pockets on his rear.  I like this pair of pants along with his other ones.  I’d imagine Jeff is designing them and he usually has good taste.

Ryan Braddock – A new comer that may be part of the talent exchange and technically a Smackdown wrestler but I saw him on ECW first.  I immediately noticed his right elbow pad that was black with design purpose white stitching on the back.  He had black knee pads and boots also.  His trunks were black with some sort of deep sea toothed large mouth on the back end.

Gavin Spears – “The Crown Jewel of the ECW Superstar Initiative” keeps his design pretty simple.  From bottom to top, he’s got black boots followed by a red knee pad with a black one above it.  His trunks have a black design that emanates a black tapered line from small to large as it wraps from his back side to the front.  The design and the tapered lines are outlined in white.  Gavin has a thicker red wrist band with a thinner black one above it towards his forearm.  I like Spears’ design better than Braddock’s because even though tribal art may be getting to the “jumped the shark” status, having some weird sea creature on the back of your tights with no back story is confusing and looks bad. – Kevin

If you have any good screen caps for me to get a better look at these designs or can teach me how to do it, drop me a line at

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