Kelly Kelly Says No, I Say Yes To Victoria


Not sure how this got past every member of Stunt Granny, but over at, they have a blurb from Kelly Kelly’s Myspace page where she states she will not be the Diva for the next Playboy shoot.

If true, this sucks but it allows the door of possibility to open for, in this order, Victoria, Mickie James, Melina, Jillian hall, (From the neck down of course) and I guess everyone else.

Still, if it isn’t Mickie I am pulling for Victoria, which is of course a longshot. Victoria has the most tenure of all the divas so it would be fitting to see her in a state of undress and then WWE fire her. No matter what though, seeing Victoria naked would be a dream come true.

Is it clear that WWE needs to get this woman naked? I mean come on already. Even if she isn’t under consideration let this be a call to Lady Victoria herself. Please, please, just send just send us some pics please. -Jeremy

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