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Robert Miqueli, of the PW Torch message board, brought a great link to my attention.  Kip James is selling his own merchandise which is terrible and does provide for some good mocking.  He uses the same picture on multiple styles of t-shirts for both adults and children, home and office supplies like a mouse pad and even for the ladies, a thong

I could sit here and mock this stuff, but the thong actually got me to thinking, how much merchandise do the Beautiful People move?  I went to and went to the Knockouts section and they don’t have a single t-shirt or any other item.  They have a hot act that clearly has a fetish for clothing and looking beautiful so why not have an on air show and call it “The Beautiful People Boutique”.  It could easily replace the segment that ODB has started for herself and be a much better version of Karen’s Angle because both Angelina and Velvet Sky can talk.  They could come out sporting their first t-shirt and help to advertise for  One can think of it as a better way of doing what Degeneration X has done before.  If they didn’t want to be quite that blatant, they could run a crawler advertising their new products while the segment is airing.

"You can not be one of us, but you can imitate us..."

"You can not be one of us, but you can imitate us..."

The Beautiful People could even come up with a different product for each week that would specifically insult their guest.  Going back to their feud with Roxxi, they could have invited her on the show and offered a wig to her.  I’m not sure the wig would sell well but certain things would catch on easier than others. 

The spray that they use in their matches to blind people could be marketed to help bring in more women or an over obssessed man who wants his girlfriend to smell like his favorite female wrestlers. The spray could even be different products from hair spray to perfume.  In any of these situations, they could use a new catch phrase “You can not be us, but you can imitate us.”

"You can't be us, but you can imitate us by buying our new lace underwear at

"If you buy our new lace mini skirt or underwear at" Thanks to for the picture.

After getting the word out on TV, they could even make “The Beautiful People Boutique” part of  They could even sell a sexier version of a thong that women might actually wear. – Kevin

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  1. tyler 2011-04-25 at 3:40 pm #

    I love you velvet and angelina love do you what to have sex with both of you.

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