Maven Makes A Return

Here’s a video we all can appreciate. We all remember Maven right? He was the guy that won Tough Enough and then we never really saw much of his ability after that on WWE television. Well, he has resurfaced ads a pitchman for the QVC. This video is great for the fact that Maven is in full wrestling promo mode throughout. He not only lies and says he has a cat but he furthers it with exaggerated mannerisms and a tight shirt made for clubbing.

Pay special attention to his cat condo or whatever it’s called. Unless it holds all of his one-night stands and scorned women notches then I don’t believe he has a cat at all. What single man owns a cat? Gay men and fat lonely women own multiple cats not just one so that rules Maven out of that scenario.

By the way, who the fuck owns a cat nowadays? Better yet why? Those pieces of ungrateful shit arte worthless and more than half of the damn population is allergic to them. I have a better idea for cat litter boxes so I may as well share.

Instead of letting the animal shit in your house, how about smacking it around and tossing it outside to do it’s business? This way your house doesn’t smell like dried feces and no one has to pop even more pills before entering your abode. -Jeremy

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  1. Fanatic 2008-11-26 at 2:35 pm #

    Good to see he is still caring for those 2 catterpillars above his eyes. Maven, lover of all animals.

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