Well Look Who’s Coming Back

I warrant a better mold then this.

I warrant a better mold than this.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter and found over at Prowrestling.net, Tyson Tomko, late of an aborted Japan run, has signed with the WWE. This is fantastic news if it was the beginning of 2008 and not the end. Tomko was TNA’s rising star back in those days and they subsequently ruined him. He didn’t do himself any favors in the political games but then how is that possible in TNA anyway. Seriously, they have a dog in a skirt on a beach ball as a main event act and he couldn’t keep himself in the spotlight?

Anyway, Tomko is going to make a welcome addition to the Smackdown roster. Well, he should at any rate. Smackdown sucks and has recently gotten better with the return of Edge.  Now if they bring in Christian Cage Smackdown may be worth watching again. Oh yeah, they would have to bump down Triple H to the midcard and bump up MVP but this isn’t about Smackdown, it’s about Tomko. You know, the guy that just got signed. Wait, he isn’t irrelevant already is he? -Jeremy

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