Adam Pearce spreads power like cream cheese

Oh, uh, what, Mom? You want me to come inside? Sorry guys, I gotta go home, gimme my basketball...

"Oh, uh, what, Mom? You want me to come inside? Sorry guys, I gotta go home, gimme my basketball..." (totally borrowed from

Are you fucking kidding me? is reporting that…

New Ring of Honor booker Adam Pearce informed the locker room over the last 24 hours that he would be curtailing his responsibilities when it came to being on the road and in dealing directly with talent due to outside responsibilities with his family and other obligations.

Moving forward, Pearce will still be booking but will not be attending ROH’s Friday night events. He will fly in from the West Coast and help with the Saturday events. On events Pearce is not backstage for, Austin Aries (who has gained considerable power under the new regime) will be running the ROH locker room.

Larry Sweeney has also been tapped as something of a liason between the wrestlers and Pearce in an effort to cut back some of Pearce’s time management. In the past, wrestlers would email or call Pearce directly with concerns and suggestions. Now, they will go to Sweeney, who will then report to Pearce. The change is made to take some of the workload off of Pearce’s shoulders.

What fucking workload? You book a wrestling company that runs *at most* five shows a month. What, is that gonna cut into your self-challenges to eat whole barrels of Sam’s Club cheese puffs in 6 hours? Do you need to keep your phone line free so your three-times-a-day Papa John’s orders go uninterrupted? “Hey, sorry Austin, my aunt’s cat is getting spayed, I’m not gonna be able to make it to Dayton. *click* Mmmm, delicious pickle wraps…” -Eric

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  1. Kirk 2008-12-12 at 3:07 am #

    Was that photo from when he had to drop the straps because the peanut butter-marshmallow frosted pound loaves he had pre-match caused his singlet to magically shrink??

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