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While rooting around looking for Scott Steiner’s still missing new t-shirt, I noticed that Jeff Jarrett had a new shirt.  I would be remiss to not make fun of Jarrett’s dumb look on his face.  I don’t understand what it is about TNA, but their cameramen don’t know how to make their subjects look natural.  Remember that dumb kid from the Prince Justice Brotherhood shirt?  Jeff has managed to out dork him.  HHH at least portrays himself as a tough guy, so when he had the Lemmy beard, I gave him a pass.  Jarrett looks like he’s trying to be a trucker with that fu manchu even though you can tell he’s a pretty boy and not remotely tough.  He does fit in right with the Orlando crowd with that fluffy baby mullet that he’s sproting in the second picture.  I want to slap that goofy grin right off his face too.  Either smile or stop looking like a mouth breather.

I'm surprised TNA's inspiration wasn't based in Nashville.

I'm surprised TNA's inspiration wasn't based in Nashville.

I’m moving on to the the shirt before I bust a blood vessel.  This last picture gives you the pleasure of viewing the shirt without that dumb hill billy from Tennessee wearing it.   The focus of the front of the shirt is the guitar pick that TNA lifts from Fender.  Unfortunately, Founder is just a stupid title to put in there.  Sitting on top of pick is a crown which is part of the text at the top stating that Jeff is “The Original” King of the Hill.  TNA really should have separated these two ideas.  A  nonwrestler shouldn’t have a shirt and it defintiely shouldn’t be mixed with his wrestling persona as the  “King of the Hill”.  Vince McMahon isn’t even vain enough to create a shirt for himself.  Whatever design is in the background just helps to make this shirt worse than it is.  If they had just gone with the crown, pick and the little bit of wording, it would have looked much better.

The back suffers from the same problem with the background design.  At least on the back, you could have made it look like shattered pieces of the guitar to give some rhyme or reason to the background noise.  The guitars look nice.  I would have kept the text at a regular angle instead of canting it at some random angle to maybe match the angle of of the guitars.

This shirt isn’t that terrible design outside of the cluttered background randomness but the vanity of a “Founder” shirt and Jeff Jarrett’s picture just made me pick on it. – Kevin

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