PWO – Season 2 – Episodes 3 & 4

To kick off the second episode, Bobby “The Body” Shields came to the ring first.  His opponent was “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine who was accompanied by Noj.  Basic moves were exchanged early in the match.  Fontaine took over with a monkey flip.  Shields kicked the ropes when Fontaine went for a Lionsault.  Shields hit a suplex and chops.  Fontaine executed a bicycle kick and then a flapjack.  Shields went for a superplex but was thrown off and Fontaine hit a missile drop kick.  Shield’s tried to hit Fontaine with Noj’s bone but Fontaine ducked, hit a thrust kick and then a Lionsault for the win.

Analysis: A solid match that will keep Shields on the lower rung in the PWO.  I’d like to see new guys win more when they first arrive, but someone has to lose.

Michael Cash interviewed Josh Prohibition.  Prohibition talked about not being able to sleep since he lost at Wrestlelution.  He threatened to interfere in the main event, which was Jason Bane versus Matt Cross for the PWO Heavyweight Title.

Analysis: Good fiery promo that made Prohibition sound obssessed with the title in a good way.

Benjamin Boone came to the ring and was attacked from behind by Mike Tolar with a chair.  Tolar said he would kill Greg “The Hammer” Valentine when he came back to the PWO.

Analysis: Valentine needs to job to Tolar because they need more heels to go up against Jason Bane and Tolar is his closest match physically and he’s a solid talker.

Cash’s Corner featured Johnny Gargano.  Gargano said he had a fracture of his vertebrae.  He then claimed that the injury wasn’t from the match at Wrestlelution but from falling when he was signing autographs after the match.  Gargano talked about his open contract to wrestle the PWO Heavyweight Champion when he was healed.

Analysis: It seemed like Gargano was reading his promo off of the “contract” he had in front of him.  He goes for this almost clueless or classless (maybe both) feeling during his promos that doesn’t do a thing for me.

The Clash, Earnie Ballz & Brian Bender, wrestled EJ Giorgio & Ben Fruth, both were noted as being fresh from the PWO Wrestling School.  The Clash had new outfits that were matching and had their intials in circles on their hips.  The Clash squashed the new guys.  Giorgio was finished off with a double team swinging side slam.

Analysis: Exactly what the Clash needed to be taken seriously.  A win over Hobo Joe and Bobby Beverly, who beat them in a Survivor Series style match at Wrestlelution, would be a good next step.

Michael Cash interviewed Jason Bane about his shot at the PWO Heavyweight Title.  Bane touted his win over over Cronus at Wrestlelution and said he would win the Title tonight.

Analysis: Short and sweet but nothing overly special.

Cash interviewed Hobo Joe after a commercial break.  Joe was in his “home” which is a dumpster.  Aaron Maguire is now living with him.  Hobo Joe is going to teach him how to survive on the street.

Analysis: The  “Odd Couple” dynamic would work if Joe had the potential to go to the top of the card.  It makes for an interesting angle though because most wrestlers and managers are so ego driven that even when they lose they don’t crack.  There are plenty of people in this world that crack so this angle can work out.

The PWO then reshowed most of the openign segment from Episode 1 to help set up the main event.  They could have used this time more productively had they stuff in another promo or extended the length of the main event.  Bane and Cross are certainly capable of a longer match.

Jason Bane came to the ring first with Matt Cross taking the proper spot that a champion should as last to the ring.  Cross tried to chop down the bigger Bane.  Bane caught Cross coming at him with a shoulder block.  Bane dominated with his power and size advantage.  Cross caught Bane with a DDT after jumping over him in a corner.  Cross hit an enziguiri.  Bane fell outside after Cross low bridged him and followed up with a suicide dive.  The referee got hit when Bane went for an F5.  Prohibition came to the ring and whacked Bane with the title belt but missed Cross.  Cross then hit a shooting star press for the three count.  Bane told a retreating Prohibition that he was a dead man the next time he’s in the Brook Park Armory.

Analysis: It’s hard to keep Bane and Prohibition out of the title hunt so having them feud is the perfect solution.  It was a good match that played into the big man versus little man scenario that was obvious.

Epsiode 4 was a highlights show that showcased more of Gargano’s weird clueless/classless personality and Joe Dombrowski, the play by play man.  They did have one exclusive match which was Matthew Justice against Benjamin Boone.  Michael Cash was doing the play by play while Jamie Scott continued as color commentator.  They talked up Boone’s win over Mike Tolar at Wrestlelution.  Justice tried to hit moves that backfired on him because of Boone’s size advantage.  Boone took too long with a corner splash so Justice clocked him with an a back elbow.  Boone hit a belly to belly suplex.  Justice hit a shoulder block to the gut and the got him in a crucifix for the win.

Analysis: It was an OK match.  Justice is a better worker who could still add some weight.  Boone has improved from last year and he could drop some weight.  Jamie Scott had a great line making fun of Boone for using a bear hug since it’s viewed as an out of date move. – Kevin

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