Now This Is More Like It

Thank god I received this in my e-mail. Colin Vassallo of, included a link to some pics from the latest Flex magazine of Beth Phoenix, Layla and Candice Michelle. I have to say this is the hottest Beth Phoenix has ever looked and I now officially place her on top of the wrestler I want to violate list. She bumped off Batista but really he did himself in after he dumped Kelly Kelly.  I didn’t care to ay attention to the photographer but whoever you are, kudos. You managed to take Candace Michelle and make her spectacular. This is the hottest she has ever looked and that includes all of the movies and layouts of her nude. How is it possible a woman looks better with clothes on than naked? It is against the law of probability I am sure.

Layla , who has come a long way from her “mom” days as Dusty and I coined. But really, the star of the photos is my new boo Beth Phoenix. I find it disgusting she looks that good and all I can do is violate 8×11 glossy photos of her. -Jeremy

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  1. Fanatic 2009-01-06 at 1:53 am #

    At least the glossy will clean off well, Shamwow!

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