PWO – Season 2 – Episode 7

The show started with Hobo Joe and Aaron Maguire asking for money from the crowd before entering the arena for the show.  Joe kept correcting Aaron’s technique on panhandling money.  Joe told him to be less forceful and more complimentary.

Analysis: A nice mix up for the opener of the show which usually starts with the theme music.  The skit itself was an extension of the week before so it felt like a bit of a repeat but with the crowd involved.  The pacing has been more deliberate this season because of the one hour weekly time slot instead of the biweekly and this skit is a prime example.

After the introduction montage, Pedro DeLucca introduced Michael Monte Carlo who was accompanied by Dawn Decadence.  Matthew Justice was his opponent accompanied by “Bloody” Morty Rackem.  Joe Dombrowski and Jamie Scott said that “Pirate Justice” has had communication problems in their matches recently.  After taking some arm drags, Monte Carlo left ring side but came back before being counted out.  Monte Carlo went on offense after Dawn grabbed Justice’s leg.  Justice hit Diamond Dust but was too worn out to make the cover.  Rackem distracted the referee and threw a belt in to Justice behind the referee’s back.  Justice refused to use it and then got school boyed to allow Monte Carlo to win.

Analysis: Monte Carlo and Dawn are supposed to be models but they have the worst taste in ring attire.  Monte Carlo had neon tassles on his black and neon long trunks while Dawn just looked like a tramp with tight pleather bikini bottoms, fishnet leggings and a cut off t-shirt.  The match itself was disappointing because Justice is a good worker but missed a couple of spots.  Monte Carlo looked weak in what was basically a debut which made the bout more disappointing.

Backstage, Michael Cash asked Matthew Justice “What happened?”  Before Justice could respond, Rackem stepped in and told Justice that he needed to follow his lead to get the job done.  Justice said he doesn’t want to cheat to win.  Rackem told him to watch and learn next week.

Analysis: Justice has good charisma but needs more mic time.  Rackem has the opposite problem, not much charisma but gets more mic time.

The next contest pitted Mike Tolar against Ben Fruth.  Dombrowski mentioned that in two weeks, a siz man tag team match that will pit Team Tolar against Team Valentine.  Tolar grabbed the microphone before the match and said the match with Team Valentine will be a beat down.  Tolar squashed Fruth.  He finished him off with an Angle Slam.

Analysis: Nice way to build up Tolar who needed a win.

A match took place in Pro Wrestling Rampage, their affiliate in Erie, PA.  Wicked came to the ring with a resistant Nikita Nightengale, who was dressed in a sexy nun outfit.  “Omega” Aaron Draven, who was Wicked’s tag team partner, came to the ring for a grudge match.  Draven got the better of the early exchanges. On the floor,  Draven monkey flipped Wicked into the ring apron.  Draven tried to hit Old School but got yanked down.  Wicked hit a nice neckbreaker.  Draven turned a top rope huracanrana into a roll up.  Wicked executed a fireman’s carry neckbreaker.  The referee took a bump, so Wicked grabbed a chair and tried to hit Draven with it.  Nikita pulled it away from him.  Wicked argued with Nikita but got hit by the chair by Draven.  Draven woke up the referee and got the three count.  Nikita joined Draven in celebration until Wicked laid out Draven before leaving ringside.

Analysis: Good match with both wrestlers carrying their weight.  I wish I could supply a picture of Nikita but even PWR’s website doesn’t have a picture of her.

Michael Cash interviewed Benjamin Boone who complained about not getting the opportunities that Bobby Beverly did.  Boone also said he was there for Beverly anytime someone tried to beat him up but Beverly allowed him to be beaten with a chair by Mike Tolar.  Boone stormed off and N8 Mattson wondered into the shot.  Mattson said he sees potential in Boone but he isn’t amazing like Mattson.

Analysis: Good promo by Boone to explain himself but the ending with Mattson was just strange.

Sitdown Interview with Greg “The Hammer” Valentine Part III – Valentine talked about his induction into the first class of the WWE Hall of Fame.  He felt privileged because of the people inducted after him because he respected many of them.  Valentine rambled on about Flair’s retirement and him being there last year.

The main event was Josh Prohibition versus Jason Bane.  Prohibition grabbed the mic when he got to ringside and said he wasn’t afraid of Bane, who showed up behind him without his entrance music.  Prohibition left for the backstage area but was returned to the ring by Bobby Beverly.  The match started with Bane beating on Prohibition.  Mike Tolar and Jimmy DeMarco came to the ring and attacked Jason Bane.

Analysis: It would not have been a good idea to give this match away with little build up between one of the top heels and babyfaces in the company.  Every now and again, it’s a good idea to have a non finish.  It set up the six man tag between Team Tolar (Tolar, DeMarco and Prohibition) and Team Valentine (Valentine, Gregory Iron and Jason Bane).

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