Come One, Come All…

For my next trick, I'll regurgitate the snake I have in my belly.

For my next trick, I'll regurgitate the snake I have in my belly.

It was mentioned in this story on, originated at, that Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Kizarny aka Sinn Bodhi aka Nick Cvjetkovich will be main eventing the “Jim Rose Circus Show vs. Jake  ‘The Snake’ Roberts Tour”.  They say there will be a hardcore match that will feature “Picture something with a lot of circus stunts and crazy feats of pain mixed with some really weird trippy hardcore and lots of mayhem.”  I wonder what those circus stunts will be.  I’m hoping we get to watch Jake down a fifth of Vodka without using his hands.  Later in the match, Nick can light one of Jake’s burps on fire and then eat the fire.  The possibilities are endless which is great for when Jake passes out over in the corner of the ring and Kizarny has to cover him with a sheet and make him disappear. – Kevin

2 Responses to “Come One, Come All…”

  1. Awesome Dude 2009-03-25 at 2:17 pm #

    Jake might as well become a escape artist because he cheats death everyday. Of all of the wrestlers who died in the last 5 years, Jake manages to slither on. Maybe he will freebase some heroin with the bearded lady and Doink the Clown in the ring. Or he could show the audience his “garter snake” since that is his new wrestling move.

  2. Fanatic 2009-03-25 at 4:05 pm #

    As long as Kizarny doesn’t try to swallow Jake’s sword, hooha.

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