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We both have our own shirts now, how cool is that?

We both have our own shirts now, how cool is that?

TNA came out with an Awesome Kong shirt and it follows my usual format of keeping things simple.  Here’s an up close look at the shirt.  Unfortunately, it looks a little bland and uninspired.  I don’t have much of a problem with the eighties look of similar colors being used for the main part of the shirt (light blue) and the collar and arms (dark blue).  It actually reminds me a bit of the color scheme of the Pittsburgh Penguins third jersey which was inspired by their original uniforms.

The problem comes in when you just slap Kong’s face on the shirt at some random angle in black.  It should have been dark blue or white with a dark blue border.  Not only that, but Kong isn’t the most attractive member of the roster so she’s probably not the best choice.  TNA didn’t put Angelina Love or Velvet Skye on the Beautiful People t-shirt so we know their priorities are a little screwed up. The name “Kong” is on there but only matches the random tilt of Kong’s picture which isn’t helping either.  “Kong” is in yet another color (bluish gray) and the lettering isn’t slick or even old time looking.

Simple does not always equal better even if I’m a champion of the K(eep) I(t) S(imple) S(tupid) cause. – Kevin

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