Linda Needs Ramen Noodles

This court room needs more Bollea.

This court room doesn't look like the one on CSI:Miami.

According to this story from TMZ by way of, Linda Bollea is filing with the Pinellas County Court that she needs $24,000 for  “advanced rent and securities” and an additional $8200 a month so that she can move away from the leathery mouthed, OJ Simpson sympathizing, Hulk Hogan aka Terry Bollea. I have no idea how much money she’s getting already because I’m too lazy to punch it up on Google. This total seems pretty ridiculous itself to a guy who gets by quite comfortably on far less money a month.

Linda wants to move to move to California because she feels like she’s “in imminent danger.” When Linda moves out there, she needs to learn how to live off campus like her 19 year old boy toy. I’m sure he knows how to cook ramen noodles in a coffee pot and eat week old pizza. Hell, I’m sure he can even hook Linda up with a cheap kegger (and tell her it’s the champagne of beers to make it sound expensive) so that she can cougarize USC’s campus. Good luck being another haggard wanna-be rich cougar in Cali Linda, your money is going to run out before Ric Flair’s which is an impressive feat. – Kevin

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