PWO – Season 2 – Episode 10

Hailey Hatred (blonde) is in my review.  We need more cheesecake in PWO!

Hailey Hatred (blonde) is in my review. We need more cheesecake in PWO!

They started off the second part of their second season with some of the worst audio difficulties I’ve heard. The music was too loud and drowned out the announcers who were too quiet. They seem to have too many toys to play with this season instead of focusing on keeping things simple.

N8 Mattson and Benjamin Boone came to the ring.  Mattson grabbed the mic and told Boone that the crowd doesn’t appreciate him. Mattson promised to take Boone to the top of the PWO.  Bobby Beverly and Hobo Joe were their opponents. Beverly took it to Mattson who left with an apparent ankle injury. For whatever reason, the referee didn’t count him out and allowed the match to continue as a handicapped match. Boone took control of the match when Hobo Joe was tagged in.  After a beat down on Joe, Beverly eventually got a hot tag but tug back out quickly.  Hobo Joe missed a middle rope leg drop.  Joe rolled out of the ring to talk to Aaron Maguire, who apparently needed money.  Boone speared Beverly for the three count while Joe was still outside the ring.

Analysis: You can’t pin the guy that isn’t legal! That was piss poor booking. Beverly could have missed the same move and then not had anyone to tag because of the distraction.  That is a simple solution to not look terrible.

Analysis Cont: I thought Mattson was faking the injury but after looking at a replay, it appeared like a legitimate injury.  I hope it wasn’t too bad of a diagnosis.  Mattson needs to lay off the “Michigan is better” talk though because most people associate that with the Ohio State – Michigan rivalry and Michigan has been getting whooped for the last several years.

The PWO did do a good job of supplying PWO shirts to the front row of kids.  It makes them look fairly popular.  Unfortunately, the sound was terrible and so was Jamie Scott who was battling a brutal cold.  They should have either let Joe Dombrowski go solo or used a wrestler as a fill-in.

A masked wrestler talked about how Johnny Gargano kept him out of action because on an injury. If he has to, he will go through the entire roster to get to Johnny Gargano.  Super Hentai promised to get his hands on Gargano.

Analysis: Thanks for bringing up your name near the end of the promo.  You’re not well enough know to just do a promo.  The promo itself was basic and was just kind of there.

Lars Rockne (from South Bend, IN) wrestled Gregory Iron (who was introduced as “The Handicapped Hero”).  Jimmy DeMarco was on color commentary.  Dombrowski asked why he hates Gregory Iron but DeMarco didn’t really give an answer.  DeMarco also said that he ate Iron’s gimp hand because that “is where his power is”.  Rockne used his size and power at thge start. Iron used hit and run offense to counter.  Rockne got a couple of near falls. Iron won the match with ajack knife cover after a failed pile driver attempt by Rockne.

Analysis: It’s groan inducing that the PWO feels it’s necessary to make up dumb names that are linked to famous people from the past like Knute Rockne.  Iron had no business winning that match though because of the disparity in size and strength.  I admire Iron for not letting his bells palsy, which has immobilized his right hand, ruin his life or hinder his dream to be a wrestler but he’s a novelty act.  DeMarco was only a mild relief on commentary.  His wacky antics aren’t wacky enough and he doesn’t have enough charisma to make it amusing enough to tolerate.

Hailey Hatred was kicking a heavy bag.  She mentioned that she hadn’t wrestled a match since Wrestlelution and was ready for her next opponent.  Cory Winters and somebody who did all of the talking interrupted her and said they needed more mic and ring time.

Analysis: Hatred has some real promise in the ring but does need to work on the mic skills. The “somebody” mentioned above needed to introduce himself.  Winters and “somebody” don’t need more mic or ring time until they can remember some elementary things. We want more Hailey.

Johnny Gargano came to the ring and said he won’t participate in the three way match for the number one contender’s spot tonight because he doesn’t listen to manangement and considers himself the number one contender.

Analysis: These guys can’t quit fucking up this episode.  Dombrowski had already said the match was in two weeks but corrected Gargano. I’m taking a wild guess that it was all recorded in one night so that’s why the error occurred. Gargano was trying to sound like Randy Orton and his iro clad Wrestlemania contract after winning the Royal Rumble but it failed miserably.  He lied to management about his supposed injury so they took the number one spot away. Businesses are allowed to make these decisions Johnny.  You’re an employee and not nearly as hated as Randy Orton.

Ben Fruth and E.J. Giorgio came to the ring expecting a tag team match.  Marshall “The Bull” Gambino interrupted and took them on in a handicapped match. Gambino won in a squash match with a urinogi. Gambino said he will beat people until he gets his money. He promised to bring the rest of the family if he isn’t paid in two weeks.

Analysis: I’m not sure why anyone who isn’t employed by the PWO (according to the announcers) should get his own match. I’m also not sure why Gambino doesn’t go directly to the source of who owes him money. I have a theory on who owes the money but will wait to watch the conclusion which is on my DVR.

Jason Bane said he’ll be ready for the number one contender’s battle in two weeks.  Bane also said he hasn’t forgotten about Prohibition costing him his match against Matt Cross for the PWO Heavyweight Title and has a surprise for him.

Analysis: Short, sweet and just what it needed to be.  Thank goodness for a solid segment. The PWO then advertised two matches for next week and the number one contender’s match in two weeks.  Good plan.

Josh Prohibition came to the ring with Johnny Gargano. Virus was his opponent. Joe Dombrowski talked up Virus because of his good showing against Matt Cross.  Prohibition complained about not getting a title shot like Virus and wondered why he wasn’t in the number one contender’s match.  Gargano was thrown out of ringside by the referee right when they rang the bell.

Virus got the best of Prohibition including a suicide dive. Scott wondered why “a tag team wrestler” got a shot at a single’s title.  Scott also wondered why Prohibition wasn’t given a rematch against Cross because it was a worse screw job than the screw job in Montreal. (Instant Analysis: Hey moron, there’s no such thing as specialists any more.  Get with the times. It wasn’t Prohibition’s title going into the match so there’s no rematch clause. How Scott can even compare a PWO match that involved no screwing to that event is incredible. Scott gets an F grade for this broadcast.) Prohibition took control and executed a nice delayed suplex. Virus turned it around with a middle turn buckle face buster and a tornado DDT. Prohibition took Virus off the top rope and gave him a Razor’s Edge into the opposite top turn buckle and combined it with a clothes line. Prohibition hit the Drunken Driver (his finisher) but pulled Virus up before the three count. Prohibition was going to hit it again on the ring bell but the referee pulled it away. It allowed Virus to victory roll Prohibition up on that attempt for the three count.

Analysis: Virus is pretty damn good in the ring so it’s good that they’re pushing him now. He needs some mic time now though after holding his own against Matt Cross and beating Prohibition.

The PWO is doing a good job of playing up Prohibition’s obsession with the PWO Heavyweight Title by having him lose matches because he’s trying to prove how much of a bad ass he is. The match itself was very good.

Final Analysis: Mostly a terrible show with a great ending. The PWO seems like it’s too fascinated with it’s better production quality.  The graphics are better, it seems like they have more camera angles and the facility is better than the Masonic Temple they used last year.  Unfortunately, they’ve missed some crucial in ring action to show replays and sound problems seem to continue to plague them.  Jamie Scott really should have been replaced by someone because of the state of his voice.  The writing has taken a hit too.  Last year, they went about things and “kept it simple stupid”.  They should go back to simple rather than trying to construct WWE or even worse TNA type storylines.

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