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His shirt should say "Arrive. Show off new shirt. Leave."

His shirt should say "Arrive. Show off new shirt. Leave."

In what is about as surprising as the sun rising every day, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is selling another new shirt on  This time, it’s for his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.  The only thing surprising to me is the fact that this shirt is only #10 on the best sellers list.  Most Austin merchandise sells like hot cakes.  It’s possible I missed the big sale right after the Hall of Fame inductions since the shirt was available Sunday morning.

As for the shirt itself, it’s pretty basic and exactly what every Austin fan has come to expect from the Texas Rattlesnake.  Black and white are Austin’s colors so that is what the shirt delivers.  At the top in smaller print is “2009 Hall of Fame Inductee” with a line break and then in the largest text “Stone Cold”.  The line break below that is interrupted by a trademark skull that has “3:16” in the middle of the forehead.  Missing are the red eyes or smoke coming out of the eye sockets but I think that’s a good choice because this shirt is putting an emphasis on his accomplishments and it’s not trying to be the next design template for him.  The words “Steve Austin” flank each side of the skull.  Another line break  sets up the last line of text that is “4-4-09” on the right (while wearing) of the skull and  “Houston, TX” on the left.

On the back is the laundry list of information about Steve Austin’s life like his birthplace, height, weight, signature move and all of his accomplishments in both the WWE and WCW.  It’s a nice little tribute to his storied career.  It’s as basic as it comes but it’s nice if you like him.  I’m going to hold out for his next shirt when he makes his next guest appearance in a WWE ring. – Kevin


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