Kurt Angle admits to steroid use, I spit out my Crystal Pepsi

*Mmmpppm... blppplp...* Mmm, missed one.

"*Mmmpppm... blppplp...* Mmm, missed one."

Prowrestling.net has snippets of an interview from Philly.com with Kurt Angle, where Angle admits to using steroids during his time in WWE. I know, consider me as shocked as you.

“Have I used steroids before?” Angle rhetorically asked. “Yes, I have, after I broke my neck and lost three inches in this arm and 21/2 in the other from loss of circulation.

“But I paid the price, both financially – I got fined $125,000 – and reputation-wise,” he says. “I was a pure athlete, an Olympic champion. And all of a sudden, I’m like Kurt Angle the cheater? It really sucked. You can test me right now. I’ll come up clean.”

Says the guy who was found gargling with prescription pills while driving barely more than a year ago. Clean of steroids? Probably. Clear of various scripts and whatever whore diseases he’s picked up along the way from his wife’s indiscretions and his own booty calls? Highly unlikely. This guy’s hospital chart could be an American Medical Supply book on its own. This is all speculation, by the way, but whatever. This guy was on death watch in 2006. The more he pickles himself, the better. (See: Roberts, Jake.) -Eric

3 Responses to “Kurt Angle admits to steroid use, I spit out my Crystal Pepsi”

  1. Kirk 2009-04-09 at 1:53 pm #

    For shame, E. I bet Angle doesn’t let himself lose one ounce of his Crystal—Oh, you said Pepsi. Never mind.

  2. keesh 2009-04-15 at 12:57 am #

    Whore diseases!

  3. YoStupid 2009-05-05 at 6:33 am #

    Why are you shocked by these statements? I don’t know what he has used, but he is clearly referring to having used steriods medically to speed up healing from a broken neck. But since you are a WWE fanboy who gets off trashing TNA every second. I guess your detective skills missed HHH and McMahon all up on steriods. I’m sure Batista and Cena have never used either.

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