James Storm Lengthens Stay In Purgatory.

Appealing to the ladies.

Appealing to the ladies.

This news should be taken with mixed emotions; according to ProWrestling.net via Jeremy Borash’s Twitter, James Storm has reupped with TNA for an unspecified amount of time. Now, the good news is that James is going to make some more money and that is a good thing. Hell, every wrestler right now needs to make sure they have some sort of sustainable steady income so there is no begrudging the man.

This is a big win for TNA as well since they get to keep one of the only successful acts they have going right now intact for as long as they see fit. Knowing TNA though, Beer Money will break up after the next PPV, feud and then instantly regret signing with TNA.

On the other hand this sucks because WWE is in the midst of pushing new wrestlers. Look at ECW and Smackdown for evidence of this. Storm has the look of a star and he is one of the only wrestlers on the TNA roster that carries themselves like an actual star. He would have been a welcome addition to ECW in the short run but he would not have been out of place on Smackdown. Oh and no, I am not cursing anyone to a run on RAW. Hopefully he signed a short extension and after seeing if WWE makes good on their new star initiative he can get big money from them. No one should count on it but it’s worth a thought. -Jeremy

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  1. Awesome Dude 2009-05-17 at 3:44 pm #

    Did you guys get that picture from Bob Ryder’s personal photo collection.

  2. Fanatic 2009-05-19 at 8:37 pm #

    Ah yes, a re-creation of HBK’s Playgirl spread.

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