Candice Michelle Released


Here is some not so shocking news from WWE. On Friday they released Candace or Candice depending on who types her name, Michelle. You remember her from that one Playboy spread that garnered no mass attention and frequent trips to the disabled list? Yeah that is the one, she’s out of a job now. This is really “who gives a shit” territory but the news sure has been slow coming this week so whatever.

Candace will be missed as we now all have to stop using jokes about WWE’s lighting of her face and her insanely annoying screech of a voice. Based on her history though she will find no trouble getting other work outside of commercials. Hell her body of work alone will ensure she gets another shot in foot fetish, bondage and softcore movies on Cinemax. A possible duo of Shelley Martinez and Candace would be welcome. Hell I’d even DVR the thing to give it multiple viewings. Oh and if this hypocritical since I just challenged her looks, well tough shit. I never said I wouldn’t turn that thing out. -Jeremy

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