Slimer gives WWE notice



According to both Jason Powell at and (12 hours later) Brian Fritz at the Orlando Sentinel… well, here, I’ll just let you read both of their posts, in the order they were published:

Vickie Guerrero has given her notice to WWE and tonight’s segment with Edge was a blowoff angle, according to She cited a desire to spend more time at home with her daughters.

Powell’s POV: This is a shame because Vickie was the most over heel on most shows. It’s nice that WWE sent her off with class by having her work a hog pen match and then having Edge tear her to shreds on the mic. This is just speculation, but Raw is in Charlotte next week, Ric Flair is rumored to be re-signing with the company, and there is a vacant Raw general manager position. Hmm….

Chalk up Vickie Guerrero as the latest person gone from the WWE.  The only difference is that she is leaving the company by choice.

Guerrero gave her notice to the company and has decided to leave so she can spend move time at home with her family.  While I was totally against her working with the company when she began, I must admit that went way beyond my expectations.  She turned out to be a great heel character and I’ll miss her being a part of the show.

Now, WWE didn’t exactly give her a graceful sendoff by having her lose in a nasty hog pen match on Sunday night at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view followed by Edge ripping her on Raw last night.

By the way, next week’s Raw is a three-hour show from Charlotte, North Carolina which just happens to be the home town of the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair who just happened sign a new deal with the company.  Just a guess but I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that Flair could become the new GM on Raw on Monday.

So to summarize, count Vickie Guerrero as the latest WWE roster member to fly the coop. But her situation is different: She wants to return to her own personal coop to be with her family. This is unfortunate, since she turned herself into a great heel and often got the most visceral reactions of the night. And how grateful was WWE, putting her in a hog pen match and then being browbeaten by Edge? For what it’s worth, Raw is in Charlotte next Monday, and hometown boy Ric Flair may re-sign with the company; ironically, there is a general manager position open… is that too much of a leap to make??!!

See how easy that was? Take whatever Powell wrote and put it in your own words, and you too can have a wrestling blog. It seems like everyone has one these days. -Eric

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