PWO – Season 2 – Episode 12


Who got lucky, Aaron Maguire or Hobo Joe?

Dawn Decadence (and her boobs) introduced a new addition to her managerial resume, Bobby “The Body” Shields who appeared to be benching 135 pounds.

Analysis: OK promo but it was nice of the PWO to again change things up at the opening of the show instead of going straight into a match. I couldn’t tell for sure but if “The Body” was only benching 135, that’s pretty pathetic.

Dawn Decadence & Bobby “True Talent, Beautiful, the Body” Shields came to the ring. Dombrowski pointed out the ridiculousness of the nickname. “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine was his opponent. The announcers mentioned that this was a rematch originally won by Fontaine. Fontaine started on offense. Shields took control after a failed monkey flip. Fontaine hit three kinds of roll ups pins. He then hit an RKO but Shields rolled out of the ring. Fontaine hit a plancha outside the ring. Decadence held Fontaine’s leg upon reentry and Shields crotched him by kicking the middle rope. Shields executed a “Gory Guerrero type Bomb” (the announcers words) for the win. Shields attacked Fontaine after the match so Noj the Wild Samoan made the save.

Analysis: An OK match. Shields needed to have a lot more offense. It does set up a “Beautiful People” (Yeah, I’m swiping TNA’s name) versus “Freaks” feud.

Aaron Maguire was asking for money but only got a lottery ticket. Maguire set it down and grumbled about it. The camera focused in on the ticket as the segment ended.

Analysis: Could it have been a winner? It didn’t show either way. They could run a “My Name is Earl” like karma routine or turn him back into a pompous ass.

Jimmy DeMarco emerged from a hot tub and told Gregory Iron that since Johnny Gargano couldn’t get to him physically, he was going to get to him mentally. DeMarco then asked how Iron’s little brother was doing and when he’d be home.

Analysis: Decent creepy promo that was hard to hear because of the hot tub.

Matthew Justice came to the ring for a single’s match with Morty Rackem at his side. Rackem grabbed the mic and said he was sorry to Justice but he had to cheat because it was in his blood. “Big Time” Bill Collier was Justice’s opponent and out weighted him by 68 pounds (255 to 187). Collier hit a nice delayed vertical suplex. Coller kept hitting power moves. Justice caught Collier running into a corner with an elbow. Justice then executed a reverse elbow off the second rope and both men stayed down. Justice low bridged Collier and hit a suicide dive. Justice got near falls after a tornado DDT and a springboard clothesline. Collier caught Justice coming off the top rope and planted him with a DVD for the win.

Analysis: They pushed the “To Cheat or Not to Cheat” storyline more. It was a great match that played to both men’;s strengths. Collier needs to work on his body builder poses.

N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone sent Bobby Beverly a “message” by attacking Hobo Joe. Joe then found the lottery ticket left by Maguire, scratched it off and found out he won $25000. Maguire arrived, said he needed the money and that it was his ticket.

Analysis: I didn’t figure I’d get the answer this episode. This story still has some chapters that have some interest.

Johnny Gargano refused to come out for the number one contender’s match but when he was threatened to lose his job, he appeared without his ring gear on. Mike Tolar was announced next as EJ Giorgio & Ben Fruth cleared his way to the ring.  Tolar told Pedro DeLucca, the ring announcer, to re-introduce him with a ridiculous string of compliments. As Jason Bane was introduced, Gargano and Tolar had a meeting of the minds on how to attack Bane. Bane started beating on Tolar with Gargano biding his time outside the ring. Bane got hit from behind by Tolar after chasing Gagano around ringside. Tolar and Gargano worked over Bane, with Tolar doing the heavy lifting. Gargano was holding back Bane but he slipped out and Tolar hit Gargano with a right. Bane cleaned house and then hit an F5 on Tolar. Prohibition got Bane to follow him backstage. Gargano covered Tolar and got the win. Super Hentai was shown on the balcony staring at Gargano.

Analysis: Not sure why Gargano got the win since he does have a feud with Super Hentai. Tolar has no where to go since there is no one else of his caliber in the baby face department. The match was OK, but too slow. The heels teaming to attack the lone face up makes sense.

Final Analysis: The PWO did a good job of moving along storylines this week but nothing was spectacular.  I’ve previewed the next couple of episodes and am excited about the even better production values.  I’ll hope that they keep the storylines simple like they have the last two episodes.

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