The Art of Wrestling – TNA Head Gear

TNA's Inspiration for LAX

TNA's Inspiration for LAX

I challenged TNA to come up with some new products and they delivered. I’m just going to cover the headware even though they have quite a quartet of muggers from their roster pimping their shirts.

I’ll start with LAX who got both a baseball hat and a beanie. Since the opening picture is about the hat, let’s start there. You can get a closer look at it here. I like the script of the lettering and the pattern of the colors. Black and white are nice and simple but makes me wonder why they didn’t do some combination of red & green (Mexican flag) or blue & red (Puerto Rican flag). As far as I’m concerned, they should have done both of those because pink hats, green hats and fucked up hats sell well. That aside, it’s a good hat that one could wear around town without being an embarrassed wrestling fan.

The beanie is equally simple but I’m a bit confused as to why they’d use black trim on the bottom and a grey top.  If they’d kept the white, the beanie would look better. It’s another decent item that’s not quite as high on the totem pole as the hat but not atrocious. Homicide cracked my shit up in both photos with his over the top mugging.  Just look normal.

The trucker hat is a slick idea for Beer Money Inc especially since James Storm is the model for it. I used to have a problem with their look because it reminded me too much of little league and people being trendy. I’ve since found out that they are functional in relieving heat during the summer months instead of wearing a wool hat. They don’t seem to be trendy any more even because their longevity. Back to this particular hat, I like the acid wash grey used as the main color but am not a fan of already knicked up look. The Beer Money symbol is centered and works well with the hat.

TNA lived up to my challenge and delivered two nice baseballs hats and a cool looking beanie. Now if only TNA would stop having their wrestlers mug for the cameras, the website would look better. – Kevin

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  1. Truth 2009-06-04 at 8:30 pm #

    Some nice stuff. I’d be tempted to buy the two LAX hats, definately.

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