Yeah this doesn’t bode well.


Alright, try and spin this as anything but bad news. ROH has officially “suspended” all future PPV’s according to this report at I’ll be honest, I never ordered one of their PPV’s. It’s not because I am lazy, it’s because it’s impossible to give a shit about ROH’s current product. The ROH business plan for PPV’s never made any sense to begin with. Why shell out $9.95 for a PPV when I can wait a month and get the whole damn show for $19.95. On top of that with the television show the PPV results were worthless.

It’s like watching a prequel movie, say Wolverine; there is no drama at all since you know the outcome. Wolverine doesn’t die. Sabretooth and Stryker are just fine and Cyclops is still boring. What a waste of a fucking movie. The douches involved in that monstrosity owe me $9.00 or at least a nut suck.

Anyway, if there is a silver lining in this story its that they will still have their HDNet program to concentrate on and hopefully make it watchable. Even if it is being removed from major cable systems around the country.– Jeremy

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