IWA-MS tryout announced, hardware stores spring up nearby

The top babyface stable in the company.

The top babyface stable in the company.

Dusty “Babyshoes Terwiliger” Giebink passed along the following information from a mysterious message board, about IWA Mid-South holding tryouts and the glory that’s sure to follow:

So You Think You Can Wrestle
Friday July 24, 2009
The Bellevue Plaza
325 Bellevue Avenue
Bellevue, IL
8 pm Belltime
All tickets: $5

We will be running the tryout show just a little bit different. To start with, every match will be given 5 min. to prove their talents in the ring. If the match does well, then they will make it to the 5 min. mark. If the fans decide that the match needs to end before it’s 5 min. are up, the bell will ring and the match will end immediately. To makes this a little bit more interesting, after the 5 min. are up, there will be three judges from the IWA Mid South locker room to give their thoughts on the match. A fourth judge will also be asked their opinion, but the fourth judge will be a member of our audience. They will get the chance to be heard on what they liked or disliked and if they thought the fans enjoyed the match.

The last tryout show saw the biggest opportunity earned…”Tokyo Monster” Kahagas was so impressive in his tryout match that he earned an birth into the 2009 Ted Petty Invitational to square off against Roderick Strong. Anyone that was at the tryout show is already anxious to see that hard hitting battle just waiting to happen!

The tryouts are rumored to be BYOLT (Bring Your Own Light Tubes), so come prepared! -Eric

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