Jeff Jarrett pulled from TNA, installing brass pole in home

Its, like, a metaphor.

It's, like, a metaphor.

According to, Jeff Jarrett has been taken off the road and pulled from TNA’s upcoming TV plans.

The crew was told that Jarrett is simply taking personal time away. However, the word in the TNA locker room is that Jarrett has been removed from television indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Kurt Angle was grumbling about Jarrett to friends this weekend, and openly stated that Jeff had been pulled from television. Angle made it clear to people that he’s not happy with Jarrett, and the widespread belief is that he’s making a play for creative control of the company.

No one else wants to speculate, but fuck it, word around the campfire (as in, not originating here, but Bubba the Love Sponge) is that Karen Angle took her and Kurt’s kids and moved in with Jarrett, and now Kurt’s all cheesed off and trying to use Dixie Carter’s family values against Jarrett. Yep, a big ol’ power play with a chick in the middle. Imagine that. Women are good for two things: Posts on What Would Tyler Durden Do and posts on And ruining things, I guess. Not just marriages and careers, but wrestling companies, too; if Powell is right and that delusional pill-head Angle gets some sort of control of the company, well then, so long, Stinktown. -Eric


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