PWO – Season 2 – Episode 18

Main Event

The Main Event has big names and the Main Event for Wrestlelution is set.

Eric Ryan, with Corey Winters, took on Marion Fontaine, who was accompanied by Hailey Hatred. Joe Dombrowski and Michael Cash noted that Ryan & Winters were upset at Hatred for taking their TV time. Fontaine was in control highlighted by a top rope clothes line. Eric Ryan baited Hatred into distracting the referee so that Winters could interfere. Ryan missed a top rope leg drop. Fontaine hit a cross body to the outside. Fontaine got distracted on the top rope which allowed Ryan to hit a fisherman’s buster. Fontaine hit a thrust kick then a second rope moonsault for the three count. Winters attacked Fontaine while he was celebrating and dumped him outside. Hatred came into the ring and attacked Ryan & Winters. Ryan got back up and attacked Hatred from behind. They double teamed her for a neck breaker.

Analysis: This story doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because Hatred hasn’t gotten much TV time unless my DVR missed an episode. The match itself was fine with Fontaine needing and getting the win since he’s involved in Wresltelution 2.

Johnny Gargano was closing up his locker when Josh Prohibition yelled at him for not attacking Jason Bane. Prohibition told Gargano to follow him and not think on his own. Prohibition said he brought him to the table and should appreciate him more. Prohibition told Gargano that he’d show him how to be a corner man.

Analysis: Prohibition has stepped up the mic work. Gargano is doing a solid job of selling his confusion.

Bobby Beverly, with Sex Appeal, took on Hobo Joe. Joe kept signaling for Aaron Maguire to show up but the announcers covered for his ignorance by noting that he doesn’t have a TV so he didn’t see that Maguire had used his money to pay off the Gambinos. Beverly grabbed Joe by the tie and threw him into the guardrail. Beverly kept up the assault with punches and chops. Joe came back with a neck breaker and a rolling senton. Dawn Decadence distracted the referee, Bobby Shields pushed Joe off the second rope and Beverly executed a fisherman’s buster for the win. Aaron Maguire came to the ring with the Gambinos and attacked Hobo Joe. Dombrowski and Cash noted Maguire’s audacity since no one else would take Maguire in. Maguire ran down Joe and said he was never his friend. Marshall poured lighter fluid on Joe to light him on fire. Jason Bane came out with a chair and chased away Maguire and the Gambinos.

Analysis: Good match up that got some build up the previous weeks because of the Hobo Joe and Bobby Beverly tag team from last season and early this season. They could have a more sustained feud if they wanted to though. They had some bad camera work after Beverly had won when Sex Appeal was showing off in the ring. At least Dombrowski talked about their looks and showmanship.

Johnny Gargano, with Josh Prohibition, took on Lars Rockne. Lars offered a handshake but Gargano only politlely slapped his hand. An early exchange led to a pair of slams by Rockne and Gargano sliding out of the ring to regroup. Gargano spin kicked Rockne, stomped on him, played to the crowd and then hit a sling shot splash. Rockne came back with a side Russian leg sweep and back breaker that only got a two count. Rockne snap suplexed Gargano then came off the top rope with a fist to the head.  Gargano hit a back cracker. Rockne got in a reverse atomic drop and a bulldog. Rockne hit a diving headbutt. The referee got in the way of a corner splash and went down. Prohibition gave Gargano a chair and he relutctantly used it. When the referee roused, Gargano was reversed into a pin attempt. Gargano super kicked Rockne but only got a two count. Prohibition distracted Gargano with instructions which allowed Rockne to lock in a Sharp Shooter. Gargano went for a sunset flip but Rockne trapped his legs and got the three count. Gargano raised Rockne’s hand in victory.

Prohibition grabbed the microphone and started berating Gargano for being proud of being a loser. Gargano countered that he thought they were a team. Prohibition told him that he was the star and went on to say he’s beaten everyone in the PWO. Gargano said that he hasn’t beaten him and then challenged him to a PWO Heavyweight Title match at Wrestlelution 2. Prohibition accepted and told him he made the worst mistake of his life. Gargano said the same and then said he’d walk out of Wrestlelution as the PWO Champion.

Analysis: Great match. Rockne is a good worker who only seems to be on the roster part time. Gargano still needs to work on his facial expressions which get over exaggerated. Good aftermath for both on the microphone with the exception of Gargano repeating Prohibition’s line about “the worst mistake of his life”. I just wish that this was in the main event slot. More on that later.

Jimmy DeMarco was “live” in his car because he was stalking Zach & Gregory Iron. He mentioned that Zach needed to stay after school for tutoring because Greg isn’t a good role model. DeMarco mocked them some more and giggled manically.

Analysis: The “live” part was a joke because it was daylight during this segment and night during the rest of the show. DeMarco was solid with some of the jokes but others are getting a little old since Gargano made them last year.

The Clash, Brian Bender & Earnie Ballz, were set to take on Greg “The Hammer” Valentine & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart for the vacated (because of injury) PWO Tag Team Titles in the main event. Neidhart and Bender started out. Valentine tagged in and he exchanged basic moves with Bender. Ballz tagged in and got worked over. Neidhart bear hugged, fore armed and punched Ballz. The referee got distracted so Bender interferred to change the tide. The Clash tagged in and out to keep Valentine away from his corner. Ballz missed a splash and Neidhart got the hot tag. Valentine & Neidhart hit the Hart Attack for the win.

Analysis: The announcers tried to cover for the illegal man covering for the win. The match was OK because Valentine & Neidhart are just slugs in the ring now. The filming took place outside at night and that hurt the match because the lighting wasn’t good.

Final Analysis: Fontaine vs. Ryan (+1 for Hailey, -1 for the story) 0, Gargano & Prohibition promo +1, Bobby Beverly vs. Hobo Joe 0, Maguire aftermath +1, Gargano vs. Rockne +1, Gargano vs. Prohibition +2, Jimmy DeMarco promo (+1 promo, -1 “Live”) 0, The Clash vs. Valentine & Neidhart -1. Total 4/8. I remember to do my math this week actually take out the minuses. Last week should have been 6/10. -Kevin

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