PWO – Season 2 – Episode 15

We can only hope for another Ladder Match for the Heirloom swords.

We can only hope for another Ladder Match for the Heirloom swords.

Matthew Justice, with “Bloody” Morty Rackem, took on Benjamin Boone. Joe Dombrowski and Michael Cash mentioned Pirate Justice’s problems. Boone got in some early shots but Justice controlled the majority of the action. Boone threw Justice across the ring from the top rope. Boone side and regular slammed Justice. Justice hit a back cracker and then a sling shot leg drop with Boone’s neck on the second rope. Justice & Rackem argued which allowed Boone to spear Justice on a spring board attempt for the pin fall.

Analysis: The match played out as expected. Justice & Rackem need to split because they’re costing each other matches.Wouldn’t that thought just dawn on them rather than continuing to accompany each other to ring side and claim they’re friends? If some “friend” kept cock blocking me, I wouldn’t hang out with him after the second occurrence. Justice had better hope they tighten the ropes for the next taping because he looked wobbly on the spring board and sling shot moves which usually isn’t the case. Boone looked solid but wasn’t given much to do.

Super Hentai said he’s going to get Morty Rackem and Matthew Justice back but they’re taking a back seat to Johnny Gargano. Analysis: OK promo but Hentai shouldn’t have said “You’ve heard it all before yada, yada, yada” because it doesn’t make you sound pissed off enough about the injuries you sustained at the hands of Gargano last year.

Michael Cash, in the ring, introduced Bobby Beverly & Hobo Joe, who was clean shaven, had short hair and wearing the suit Aaron Maguire got him last week. Joe said he was stylin’ and profilin’ because of Maguire. Aaron Maguire came out and told Joe that he’d turn Joe’s money into more money and that he can be trusted with the money. The crowd disagreed, but Joe allowed Maguire to take the money and run because he’s his “best friend”. Beverly grabbed the mic and said their team (with Hobo Joe) has lost to everyone after their win at Wrestlelution. Beverly said that N8 Mattson was right and that he needed to find his own way. He laid out Joe. Dawn Decadence then came to the ring to raise Beverly’s arm.

Analysis: Great segment that was highlighted by Joe’s work on the mic. Maguire pleaded well for the money. The PWO could go a number of ways with this angle at this point so I’ll wait for the next chapter to unfold before judging it. Bobby Beverly was in need of being turned because he was going no where so I hope he gets his shot with Sex Appeal. Dombrowski didn’t sell the turn very well.

Two guys had a short promo saying Hailey Hatred made them less of a man so they were growing beards. Analysis: Huh? What? Who are you? The silent guy was Corey Winters since the guy talking said it. I can only surmise that the talker was Eric Ryan since they’re listed as a tag team on the PWO’s site. Neither of them, along with Hailey Hatred, have been on TV recently so this promo was completely out of the blue and makes no sense. My helpful advice, say your damn name because even John Cena is introduced or says his name.

Recap of Jason Bane and Mike Tolar’s match from the previous week.

The Rock Show was introduced by Earnie Ballz & Brian Bender. They wondered if the tag team titles were cursed because Jake Crist had travel problems and now Vincent Nothing is hurt. The Clash said they can uncurse them. Ballz introduced Joe Dombrowski as their guest. They asked him how he got into announcing. Dombowski said he has always loved wrestling but wasn’t cut out to do it physically. He went on to say he controls the way people are perceived. Dombowski warned them that they may have gotten themselves into trouble by talking trash on Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. As he was talking an ad ran stating that the The Clash will be fighting Valentine & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart.

Analysis: Weird way for The Clash and the audience to find out about the match. The ad felt like it cut off the interview early. The tag division is being gutted like it is in the rest of the wrestling world no matter what TNA is trying to sell on TV. Bobby Beverly & Joe broke up, Pirate Justice is due to break up and The Viruses haven’t been around this season.

Josh Prohibition, with a dejected Johnny Gargano, took on Gregory Iron in the main event. Jimmy DeMarco was doing color commentary. He said he’d make a good father for Iron’s younger brother Zach. Slow paced beginning with a couple of collar and elbow tie ups. Iron took advantage of Prohibition lolly gagging. Iron clotheslined him and hit a sling shot senton. Iron then came of the top rope with a huracanrana. Prohibition caught Iron going for a suicide dive with a forearm. Prohibition was methodical and beat on Iron in the corner. Prohibition assaulted Iron outside the ring utilizing the guard rail. After getting back into the ring, Prohibition tossed Iron outside the ring again but Gargano didn’t assault him as the referee was distracted. Prohibition hit a nice double underhook suplex. Iron hit a downward spiral for a two count. Iron got another near fall with a victory roll. Prohibition executed a Drunken Driver for the win.

Analysis: Good match that played out exactly like it should have. Prohibition’s arrogance gave Iron openings that he took advantage of.

Jason Bane came to the ring and warned Prohibition that his next title defense was not going to be easy. Prohibition looked worried as Bane left ringside. Prohibition was going to hit another Drunken Driver on a chair on Iron but Johnny Gargano stopped him. They bickered as they left the ring.

Analysis: Solid follow up since Prohibition has been running from Bane and Gargano is upset with him costing him the title.

Final Analysis: A solid opening match that could have been a bit better if Boone had looked more dominant since Justice is such a quality opponent. Justice & Rackem bickering took a little bit away from that match. Hentai and Winters & Ryan both could have had better interviews so those knocked the show down a peg. The Hobo Joe/Aaron Maguire/ Bobby Beverly segment was fantastic. The final match was spot on so I’d give the show a solid thumbs up. – Kevin

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