PWO – Season 2 – Episode 16

Dawn Decadence was wearing a shirt with a +25 Sex Appeal.

Dawn Decadence was wearing a shirt with a +25 Sex Appeal.

Matt Cross came to the ring and said he wanted his rematch against Josh Prohibition right then, right there. Mike Tolar, with Ben Fruth & EJ Giorgio, told Cross he needs to stop worrying and Prohibition and start worrying about him. Tolar challenged Cross to a match and then fed him Fruth & Giorgio. Cross beat up both of them then yelled at a retreating Tolar.

Analysis: Good call by the writers for Tolar’s next opponent. Considering Tolar’s been all talk and no back up, I think he needs to pull out the win at the end of the feud. Cross is an established star and can bounce back.

Bobby Shields came to the ring with Sex Appeal, Dawn Decadence & Bobby Beverly, and took on Gregory Iron. Joe Dombrowski & Michael Cash talked about Iron’s near win against Josh Prohibition and Beverly turning on Hobo Joe. Iron hit a head scissors and monkey flip. Decadence distracted Iron and Shields attacked him from behind. Shield slammed, elbowed and suplexed Iron but only got a two count. Shields kept Iron grounded. Iron got in some forearms and a face buster for a two count. Beverly squatted Iron in a fireman’s carry position. Noj The Wild Samoan & Marion Fontaine  chased Decadence & Beverly away from ringside which distracted Shields. Iron slipped out of the fireman’s carry and rolled up Shields for the win.

Analysis: Second consecutive good match from Iron. Shields stepped it up from his previous outing. It’s a good way to have Iron win but Shields can complain about the distraction as a heel should.

Hobo Joe was looking for Aaron Maguire in the dumpsters. Dombrowski asked him about being jumped by Bobby Beverly. Joe said Beverly can’t be trusted but Maguire can be. Dombrowski questioned that and Joe assured him that Maguire was a changed man.

Analysis: I figure that Maguire will turn on Joe but it would be funnier if he did end up investing the money well and Hobo Joe became a snob. Joe was great on the mic again.

Bane screamed into the screen about wanting Josh Prohibition who was distracted by Johnny Gargano. Bane said he had tunnel vision and wants the PWO Heavyweight Title. Analysis: The screaming was unnecessary but the message was on point.

Pirate Justice, Morty Rackem & Matthew Justice, were set to take on the Gambino Brothers, Marshall & Mickey. The announcers try to sell the idea that the Gambinos aren’t part of the PWO.  Justice started out against Mickey. Justice used his speed to get the upper hand. Rackem tagged in and continued beating on Mickey. Mickey then hit some shoulder blocks in the corner. Marshall tagged in, hit a suplex and then did the Big Bossman slide out of the ring upper cut. Marshall distracted the ref so that Mickey could strangle Rackem with his suspenders. Marshall slammed him, went to the top rope and missed a splash. Justice got the hot tag and took it to both Gambinos. Rackem & Justice argued about cheating and Justice left the ring. Mickey hit a spinebuster. Marshall & Mickey double teamed Justice for “The Curse of the Gambinos”, which was Demolition’s old finisher Decapitation.

Analysis: I’m glad Justice & Rackem are finally finished. It was obvious they weren’t going to work as a team. The Gambinos continue to impress as both are big guys who have quite a bit of agility. Plus, the Big Bossman was great so Marshall swiping his move really hit me in a good way.

Johnny Gargano, with Josh Prohibition, said he plans on putting Super Hentai back on the disabled list and asked Prohibition to be at ringside. Prohibition said his schedule might be too crowded now that he’s the PWO Heavyweight Champion. Gargano finished by stating that he’ll show Super Hentai why he’s so great.

Analysis: It’s a slow build to have Prohibition and Gargano splitting which is needed. Gargano cut out the goofy shit from his past promos so it was better but I think he can improve even more.

Jimmy DeMarco was stalking Gregory and Zach Iron who were playing in a park. He said he’ll continue to stalk them until they stay out of his matches. Analysis: Solid creepy promo from the “Prime Minister of Perversion”. I’m not a big fan of doing stuff outside the world of wrestling but they make it clear DeMarco is the only person who takes it this far.

Johnny Gargano, with Josh Prohibition who must have found some extra time in his schedule, took on Super Hentai. Prohibition booted Michael Cash and did color commentary. Gargano attacked Hentai as he got into the ring. Hentai took over with a head scissors and three drop kicks. Prohibition said he’s given Gargano all the tools to win but he’s been on a losing streak. He also mentioned that he’s the star of the tandem. Hentai came outside the ring to get Gargano who turned the tables and tossed Hentai into the guardrail. Gargano punched, clotheslined and then put Hentai in a reverse chinlock. Gargano missed a twisting splash. Hentai power slammed Gargano for a two count. Gargano turned a huracanrana attempt by Hentai into a power bomb against him. Both men got a pair of two count pin attempts. Gargano got Hentai twisted up in a jack knife like cover for the three count. Hentai grabbed a mic and gave props to Gargano for winning clean and told him to drop Prohibition. They shook hands afterwards.

Analysis: Prohibition did a fantastic job in the booth by constantly running down Gargano as being inferior as a protege because he didn’t dominate the match. Good match that could have been better with more time given the quality of both wrestlers. Gargano looks in better shape which both announcers noted.

Final Analysis: This show (and a couple afterwards) was taped outside but it didn’t come across poorly even though relying solely on natural light. It also gives them more venues this season than TNA for their weekly tapings. All the story lines are coming into view for Wrestlelution 2: A Coming of Age so this show accomplished a lot.

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