Wrestlelution 2: A Coming of Age Preview Part I

PWO will be handing out their own TV Title on Sunday.

PWO will be handing out their own TV Title on Sunday.

Wrestlelution 2: A Coming of Age is set for this coming Sunday at the Nautica Pavilion in Cleveland, Ohio (gates open at 2 PM and the show starts at 3 PM) and I will be attending so it’s getting it’s own preview article and maybe even a podcast as I drive back to Columbus that evening. I’m going to get to mingle with the wrestlers after the events so I may even sprinkle in some small interviews if possible. I’ll post the previews in order of how I think they should take place. The full list of previews can be found here.

“Bloody” Morty Rackem versus Matthew Justice:

I think this match is a good curtain jerker because it should be a fast paced match that the fans can get into with two good wrestlers. Both have a good high flying arsenal of moves but Justice’s is a bit better. It is also a “Pirates Rules” match where the rules are relaxed and a disqualification is only warranted under extreme circumstances. They have two other “No DQ” matches (Prohibition vs. Gargano in the main event and the Dumpster Match) so getting one out of the way early and get some crowd pops out of it. Winner: Matthew Justice

Sex Appeal versus Fontaine’s Freaks:

With six singles matches and four tag matches, I’d have to figure a tag match is next on the docket. This match is a six man tag team match pitting Marion Fontaine, Noj the Wild Samoan and Kid Cupid (Fontaine’s Freaks) against Caleb Connelly, Bobby Shields and Bobby Beverly accompanied by Dawn Decadence. The storyline hasn’t been the best and I’m unsure of how well the match will turn out. Fontaine,  Shields and Beverly are good wrestlers. I’m not a fan of Noj. I haven’t seen Kid Cupid or Connelly wrestle so they may help pep up the match. The size difference of Noj and Kid Cupid will cause problems for Sex Appeal so that will hamper the match quality. Winner: Sex Appeal

PWO Television Title Four Way Match – Virus vs. Super Hentai vs. Aaron Draven vs. Benjamin Boone:

It could be later on the card but I’m figuring the big names will stop that from happening.  This match could be quite intriguing and may very well steal the show. All four wrestlers are great with Boone just coming into his own as a monster. Virus helped put on a good match last year in a ladder match. Super Hentai has had good TV matches this year including an excellent one with Johnny Gargano. Aaron Draven has put on a number of good matches on TV this year too. Four way matches aren’t usually good but this one has the potential. Winner: Benjamin Boone

Hailey Hatred versus Portia Perez:

Hatred has been on TV more recently to help sell her appearance but unfortunately Perez has not been on TV at all to help build this match up. I wish both would have gotten in a match or two before the event. I’m not too worried about the match quality though since both are accomplished independent wrestlers. Winner: Hailey Hatred

Corey Winters & Eric Ryan versus Irish Airborne – Dave & Jake Crist:

This match has received the least hype. Winters & Ryan have talked more about their hire, Portia Perez, taking out Hailey Hatred. Irish Airborne is a good team and should be able to hold up their end of the match. Hatred vowed to take out Perez then take out Ryan so I figure she interferes and helps a team that needs no help to win. Winner: Irish Airborne.

Al Snow versus “Amazing” N8 Mattson:

This match is being billed as the battle between Ohio (Snow) and Michigan (Mattson) which I suppose is appropriate for the setting but not exactly my cup of tea because I don’t care about this feud. Mattson has been off TV for quite some time because of a legitimate ankle injury and Al Snow couldn’t even phone in an interview so the feud has gotten little press. It should draw a crowd reaction and a later spot on the card because of Snow’s drawing power. Mattson is a good wrestler from what I’ve seen so the match itself should be good. Michigan got the “win” with Boone getting the TV Title so – Winner: Al Snow.

The last four matches will be previewed tomorrow or Friday with more analysis because they have been built up more. -Kevin

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