Jeff Hardy Is A Dunce (UPDATE: Mug shot posted)


I am at home and fine-thanks for your concern

Jeff Hardy fans will be sad but WWE has to be breathing a big sigh of relief (for now) since his dumb ass just got arrested on felony charges of drug trafficking. News surfaced over at on his arrest and can be viewed at the original source on the There’s a list of crap they found in his house and none of it is good. Kind of reminds me of Lex Luger just without the death beforehand.

Suffice to say that if true, Jeff Hardy is a fucking idiot. What’s the point of commenting any further. His dumbass continues to make mistake after mistake. He had a perfect opportunity in WWE and he wanted to take some time off. Good for you. Instead of making the most of it he’s now going to the slammer for a while if this thing goes any further.

WWE is going to face a load of scrutiny as well. The questions will begin about their knowledge in the matter and just who knew this was going on. It could lead to a roster purging if they believe others knew and kept quiet or may have been involved.

It sure is going to be interesting for the next few weeks until we all forget about it and move on to bashing Raw and TNA. -Jeremy

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UPDATE: Thanks to a link at, we can show you Jeff Hardy’s pretty face. He went from rock-star pro wrestler to East side trash pretty fucking quick:

What a handsome prison tattoo. Bubba will have something to look at when he's cooking your fresh meat.

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