Jenna Morasca out of TNA, can’t wrestle out of wet paper bag

She must have taken that from Joe on her way out.

She must have taken that from Joe on her way out.

According to, Jenna Morasca has been given the big ugly ax from TNA:

Survivor star Jenna Morasca, who’s (sic) lone TNA match against Sharmell At the Victory Road PPV earlier this summer may very well live on in infamy forever, is gone from TNA.

Morasca’s contract with the company recently came up for renewal and sources indicate that the two sides agreed not to renew the deal going forward.

Remember how she tried to defend that piece-of-shit match to some media outlet? To paraphrase, she said, “If you like wrestling, you won’t like this wrestling match. But if you like entertainment, you will love it because it was entertaining.” Well, she is a retard, that match was terrible, and she offered practically nothing measurable to TNA, so good riddance, whore. -Eric

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