Score One For TNA!

Pictured above: Dixie Carter.

Pictured above: Dixie Carter.


Former Ring of Honor Champion Nigel McGuinness is backstage at the TNA taping in Orlando, Fla. Although Nigel and ROH officials indicated that he had agreed in principle with WWE, it appears he has opted to sign with TNA instead.

There has also been some buzz that Bryan Danielson might be TNA-bound as well, but nothing is official. The early talk is that WWE dragged its feet on signing the duo, so TNA swooped in and signed Nigel.

When you’re a pathetic joke of a company with no business management skills whatsoever, you take victories as you can get them. This is a major mistake for WWE if it goes down like this, because they have no midcard at all and could use some talented guys like Nigel and Bryan to help fill it out.

This is another in the long line of WWE not understanding what to do with people who are already established. Hiding people like Colt Cabana and Low Ki in developmental for ages, as if they have no idea what to do with them, just reeks of not having a clue. WWE is usually more on the ball with things like this. And by no means am I saying that Nigel and Bryan are future World Champions. But you know what you are getting from them, and like I said, they can help beef up your roster when you desperately need it. Fail. – Dusty

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  1. Newbobdole 2009-10-20 at 8:23 pm #

    c’mon, they’re (tna mgmt) just going to break our hearts like the vaingloriously petulant retards that they are.

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