TNA Bound For Glory Preview

There ain't no party like a TNA party.

There ain't no party like a TNA party.

Yeah boy, it’s time for TNA’s biggest PPV event of the year: Bound For Glory. Jeremy and Kevin return to breakdown every match on the card like they usually do. They also give insight to TNA’s current TV product and why it causes Jeremy to yell at his television.  There is also a colossal miscommunication as Kevin scolds Jeremy for not paying attention. They finally get on track and discuss Samoa Joe’s improved look and how the main event results are already posted on line. There is also a discussion on why the IWGP belts will not be held by The British Invasion after Sunday.  It all gets wrapped up in a nice bow as they give TNA credit for doing some things correctly and can actually improve and grow after this event. Hell, it’s only a an hour of your life which is shorter than the actual PPV.

Stunt Granny TNABound For Glory 2009 Preview

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  1. Fanatic 2009-10-19 at 1:11 pm #

    Did this download for others? I got over an hour worth of static/dead air (and not the kid from the “Debuting talent audio”).

    Guess the show already took place and I didnt watch a minute of it, but I would still listen to see if the predictions/analysis/bitching was right on.

    • stuntgranny 2009-10-19 at 2:54 pm #

      Jer downloaded #63 and said it was fine. I haven’t checked about the TNA preview show but as you point out, it’s a bit late. Someone else noted that the BFG audio wasn’t working either. I’ll have Jer look into it. We recorded that one on Gizmo instead of our phone # so that might be part of the problem. -K

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