So Easy, A Dinosaur Could Do It

I had no idea that Tyler Reks had a show on until he tweeted about it yesterday. I’m glad I have something to mock because the news is slow even with Hogan going to TNA. Neither company seems to worried about putting out new merchandise even though a couple of new things have trickled out for both companies.

First off, we’ve got a completely silly name for the show but then again so does this article. At least I know I’m being stupid though. I do have to admit to being a surf music fan so I like the tunes that go along with his introduction. His verbal skills seem to be better than anything I remember him uttering on TV but the material is gawd awful. Shame-O’s is even a bad name by WWE standards. I don’t actually mind T-Reks as a nickname considering the number of ways sports announcers try to short athlete’s names. The biggest problem, obviously, is the 42 grams of Power Packed T-Reks Beat Down Coming Your Way. You haven’t been on TV for at least a month so no beat down is coming. T-Reks should try kissing John Cena’s ass since HHH’s ass is being spit shined by the Celtic Warrior who is intended for the beat down.

In this week’s video, T-Reks gets another minute to talk and again, I don’t think his delivery is the problem but it’s the material he’s being fed. The script didn’t match the visuals supplied. Reks mentions the “Complete and Utter Butthead” twice so I’d guess he wasn’t free lancing yet the book about Ryder simply said “How To Be A Butthead”. Is douchebag not allowed in the PG-13 world? The promo would have more bite to it with that change in words. I do find it quite humorous that Reks equates Zach’s ring jacket to women’s lingerie because it does look like it. I’m also glad that he came up for a name, trites, for those awful things Ryder wears in the ring. I get the douchebag vibe from Zach without those things.  Unfortunately for T-Reks the skit comes to a screeching halt because his pick up lines are no better than the fake phone call used by Ryder.

There was some positive in these skits and negatives. Anyone not getting ring time should be smart enough to ask management to get their own online segment because it catapulted Cryme Tyme and more prominently The Miz & John Morrison into stardom. Tyler Reks can work out the kinks of his delivery and character while not making a complete ass out of yourself on the much larger stage of WWE. – Kevin

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  1. Don 2009-11-01 at 10:16 pm #

    Didn’t they fire this guy four months ago?

    • stuntgranny 2009-11-02 at 1:52 pm #

      I guess not. He showed up on Superstars to lose to Zach “Trites” Ryder. I hadn’t watched until Sunday or else I would have addressed his loss. -K

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