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The Cover for X-Men #1 (V2) by Jim Lee from

Jeremy graciously put a juicy leftover turkey sandwich on my table when covering the new WWE comic books. I’ll look at the limited sampling of artwork and break it down. I’m not even going to venture into the writing which seems to be linking famous historical happens to modern wrestling situations. I’ll leave that for March 23rd when the comics come out and I can properly piss on them.

In the first link Jeremy provided (I suggest enlarging it with a simple click) the top left cell shows a Mayan that is proportioned well. In the next cell over, HHH has an awfully small head in comparison. The artists didn’t look at HHH’s ring attire because he always wraps his right hand and forearm. HHH also has the iron cross on his elbow pads. Look at photos 8 and 9 for proof from this week’s Raw. John Cena is prominently featured in cells 4 and 6. They pulled the same issues with Cena’s attire because they forgot his wrist and arm bands, didn’t give him a belt for his clam diggers, didn’t show any underwear and they gave him high tops instead of low tops. Look at photo 17 for everything but the foot wear. I also feel like I’m playing a game of nude photo hunt at the bar because Cena doesn’t have wrist tape in cell 4 but does in cell 6. Hopefully, Mickie James will be missing articles of clothing in her issue of the comic.

This cover from Spawn #158 by Greg Capullo is an example of good comic book art.

In Jeremy’s second link, we have a scene in cell 2 with (from left to right) Matt Hardy,  Kofi Kinston, Batista, R Truth and I think CM Punk or John Morrison. The first problem I have with this picture is the fact that aside from skin pigmentation, the art work feels like “insert head here”. As the picture at the top of the article shows, one can show diverse body types while still making a great comic like X-Men. Wolverine is a great character but it was often pointed out how short he was. Batista should not be matched in size by our pudgy friend Matt Hardy. Cell 4 presents a couple of problems. The most glaring to me is that Batista and Randy Orton don’t have any tattoos. They don’t need to be as detailed as the real ones but they shouldn’t be presented without them. The second problem is that Batista goes from talking to swinging a chair. I realize that comics don’t show every action but he goes from standing still without a chair to swing one through the ropes at Randy Orton. They need to show some action in between those two events.

I can’t wait until March for further evaluation. Maybe by then, I’ll have brought my own art back to this site for people to mock. – Kevin

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