Excelsior! WWE Comics are a comin!

It can't be worse than this?

This is a fucking joke right? Straight from hell comes the next failed WWE  project, WWEComics. Yes that’s right WWE is coming out with their very own copyrighted material for kids to buy. Judging by the art work and writing on these sample pages we should have oodles of material to slam for at least 7 issues.

I read comics. I watch wrestling.  I am not going to purchase this  piece of shit. I must not be the target audience. Look at the artwork . It makes everyone look the exact same and by that I mean pre Benoit killing his wife and kid days. You know, I’ll leave critiquing the artwork for Kevin. He’s the guy that draws.

Instead let’s concentrate on the writing. Better yet, let’s not. Although I bet the same guy writing this tripe is a writer for Monday Night Raw. I am running out of energy for this garbage. Comics don’t have to be garbage and the idea of a WWE comic series has its merits but this trash; wow.

Quick note, even in comics Matt Hardy is a charismaless vaccum of a bitch. At least they made him appear muscular. -Jeremy

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