PWO – Season 3 – Epsiode 4

Dawn Decadence looked like this, except in pink.

Joe Dombrowski hyped the main event match between Benjamin Boone and Jason Bane as the battle of the largest men in PWO for later. Bobby Shields came to the ring with Dawn Decadence (wearing a naughty elf costume.  The episode aired Jan. 3rd) to take on “Omega” Aaron Draven for the TV Title. Draven hit three straight arm drags to get the match rolling.  Dombrowski said that Mike Tolar would get a rematch against Johnny Gargano while Draven had Shields on the mat with a headlock. Shields took over with a slam and a fist drop that had as much hoopla as “You Can’t See Me” which is odd for a heel. Shields kept punishing Draven with head butts to the stomach and a reverse chin lock. Draven took over with a high kick and a running clothesline. Shields got a near fall out of a jack hammer. Draven got caught on the top ropes, blocked a super-plex and then stood up instead of hitting a frog splash onto Shields. Shields tried to roll up Draven but he turned it into an Oklahoma roll which got him the three count. Sex Appeal came out and they hit the triple thrust kick on Draven. Beverly curb stomped Draven to end the beat down.

Analysis: Solid match and good ending if they want to continue this feud. Draven and the three members of Sex Appeal match up well in the ring. I didn’t like the fact that they cut to the following promo as soon as Beverly hit the curb stomp.

The Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew started a promo in Spanish. Isaac Montana grabbed the mich and said his name and his partner’s, Luis Diamante, in English and said they were ready to take on The Clash which had run legends like Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake out of  PWO. They vowed to take the Tag Belts back to the Latin American community.

Analysis: It was a good promo aside from taking “back” the titles. You never had them! Good start and nice introduction for them. I’d much rather have a promo hyping someone’s in ring debut than them just showing up especially since they’re being thrown into the Tag Title picture.

In a black and white camera, a guy said he dedicated 10 years of his life to wrestling and he has nothing to show for it. He named himself Krimson and yelled into the camera.

Analysis: It was an OK promo. It was different for sure. I’ll with hold judgement although it seems like a Joker imitation.

Joe Dombowski said it was a wrestler formerly know as Conrad Kent but he must have snapped. Michael “The Bomber” Facade came to the ring while they were explaining Krimson’s former self. Facade sprayed painted the back of some kid’s sign which is a nice way of reinforcing his gimmick as a graffiti artist. Matthew Justice was his opponent. Aaron Maguire noted that he looks in better shape every time he  sees him. They shook hands before the match. Facade and Justice exchanged some basic moves while showing off their agility while getting out of headlocks and arm bars. Facade went outside the ring after a huracanrana by Justice. He missed a dive rto the outside but  Facade hit a senton over the top rope.They fought on the outside bwhile still keeping the offense even. Justice hit a senton from the ring apron. They had a chain of pins. Facade got a two count from a Northern Lights suplex.Facade got in a spring board heel kick.  Justice caught Facade going for a springboard splash. Justice got a two count off a spring board clothesline.  After getting hung up on the top rope, Facade was rolled p by Justice for the three count. Maguire said that even though Facade has lost all of his matches in PWO, he has been impressive in all of them.

Analysis: The match was good but could have been a little smoother. I’m not sure if they’re not used to the tension on the ropes or just each other but the speed could have been picked up to make it look better. Maguire did a good job of covering for Facade’s losses but the easier way to get out of that predicament is to have him beat someone.

Mike Tolar said he lost to Johnny Gargano in his first title match for the PWO Heavyweight Title. Tolar said he keeps running over the match in his head. Tolar then blamed his loss on Ben Fruth because he ran into Tolar and gave Gargano just enough time to get the pin. Tolar said that he has an open contract tfor anyone to take on Fruth. Tolar said Gargano got lucky and he won’t be so lucky next week.He said it’s his destiny to win the title.

Analysis: Good promo with the good out to blame Fruth for the loss.

Johnny Gargano started a promo but was abruptly interrupted by Bobby Beverly who mocked his popularity. He then said he’s the next young star who is going to take his place. Nicky Valentino made fun of Gargano’s Teenage Mutant Ninja t-shirt and said cartoons suck and he prefers reality TV. Gargano then mocked him. Gargano then got them to turn against each other. He just left the area. Dawn said can’t you see he’s just trying to divide us.

Analysis: Dawn wins the Captain Obvious award but since she’s with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb who turned on each other quicker than a tag team written by Vince Russo, I guess it was needed. It’s a decent way to set up the next opponent for Gargano whether he keeps the belt or not.

Benjamin Boone came to the ring before the commercial break. He said N8 Mattson wasn’t going to be there tonight since he wasn’t granted a Title shot. Boone went on to say he is going to collect the $10,000 bounty on Jason Bane. Bane came out to the ring in camouflage shorts which is a nice change of attire. The big guys exchanged forearm blows.  Boone tossed Bane outside the ring. Dombrowski cleared up the bounty terms with Maguire who said Boone needs to rid Bane from Pro Wrestling Ohio to collect. Bane hit a nice belly to belly overhead suplex.  Boone hammered Bane with numerous elbow drops. They hyped Matt Cross versus Aaron Draven for next week. Boone kept Bane down with a reverse chin lock. Boone hit a spear for a near fall.  Bane hit a huge clothesline but couldn’t capitalize because of the extended beat down.  They exchanged chops until Bane got the better of them.  Bane dodged a splash in the corner and then hit a spine buster. Bane F-5ed Boone but Corey Winters attacked him before he could make the pin. Bane dispatched of Winters and was then attacked by Nicky Valentino who got his ass handed to him courtesy of a triple power bomb. Maguire started offering the crowd money to take out Bane.

Analysis: Solid match that I’m glad ended with a DQ because these two guys are the only ones in PWO that match up physically. Having two different times when they exchanged blows was a little weird but otherwise the match planning was good.

Final Analysis: Draven vs. Shields +1, Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew promo +1, Krimson promo +1, Justice vs. Facade +1, Tolar promo +1, Gargano/Beverly promo 0, Boone vs. Bane +1. Total: 6/7. Best episode yet this season. Maguire is amping up the heel side of the broadcast booth and seems more comfortable with Dombrowski. They did a good job of hyping next week’s event while not much action was going on in the ring or it was mixed in with the backstage promos. – Kevin

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