Their Numbers = Our Numbers UPDATED

Wrestling numbers go up, our numbers go up.

According to (by way of  TNA iMPACT! will be going head to head with Monday Night Raw on March 1st. I did a simple search on TNA’s site and they have no information regarding this event. I looked on the WWE’s site and their event will be in Oklahoma City with guest hosts Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. TNA still has nice dreams (Obvious movie tie in that I’ll beat you over the head with by the end of this article) that they can still compete with the WWE. TNA’s poor timing will probably make their higher ratings go up in smoke (Feel free to groan) because this date will be 27 days before Wrestlemania. The WWE will be in full swing with their preparation for their big show and big names will be swapping brands more than Cheech & Chong passed joints in Still Smokin’. TNA did get a minor bump in ratings (up to 1.3 from 1.0) this past week but they’re going to need to sustain that momentum for another month for this second skirmish to matter. I’ve got no faith in TNA especially since one of Hulk “Yellowbeard” Hogan’s best ideas is to recreate an angle that occurred in the WWE twelve years ago with Kurt Angle playing the part of Bret “The Hitman” Hart, AJ Styles being Shawn Michaels and Hogan acting like Vince McMahon. The WWE will happy to have the opposition hype Hart versus McMahon at Wrestlemania while also doing so on their own programming. – Kevin

Update: There’s a second report from that iMPACT! will indeed be moving to Monday’s permanently March 1st. I’m just giddy that TNA may be crushed by the time my birthday hits two days later. They are going to be live one week and tape the next week’s on Tuesday and repeat the cycle. If the WWE is smart, they won’t pull a Bischoff and announce title changes on air about their “competition”. Even the WWE’s crowd could have given a shit less about TNA programming on January 4th because they didn’t mention TNA at all. The Orlando crowded chanted “We don’t need Bret” and other anti-WWE chants. Vince will thank you later for the free advertising. – Kevin

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  1. Awesome Dude 2010-01-27 at 7:42 pm #

    Only people who are really happy about this Dixie and her merry band of morons, dirt sheet writers, and folks who forgot for every great Rock or Austin segment were multiple shitty matches containing wrestlers who are headlining your local VFW. I hope TNA is ready for a bloodthristing Vinnie Mac willing to pillage, rape, and murder them for his own sick pleasure.

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