PWO – Season 3 – Episode 7

Sex Appeal was all over this episode.

As Brian Bender came to the ring, Joe Dombrowski said that his tag team partner Earnie Ballz could be on the shelf for an extended time. Matthew Justi was his opponent. Dombrowski noted that both wrestlers have been working hard in the gym. They split the offense early until Justice held onto an arm bar. Bender assaulted Justice in the corner. He irish whipped Justice into the opposite corner but got caught charging in with a back elbow.  Bender caught Justice coming off the second rope with a urinogi. Bender got Justice in a couple of reverse chin locks. Bender gave Justice a modified Samoan drop but made a cocky cover. Justice turned around the offense with a double axe handle to the stomach. Justice used his speed advatantage to hit and run. Justice got the win off a tope rope cross body block.

Analysis: Good match that highlighted Bender’s hesitancy without a tag team partner. Justice can certainly wrestle at a high level. The announcers were right to point out their bulking up and it doesn’t look unnatural.

Bobby Shields and Nicky Valentino were backstage. Shields said him and Bobby Beverly became the new tag team champions. Shields complimented his lawyers. They worked their contract so that any three of Sex Apeal can defend the belts. Valentino suggested a number of old timers as their tag team partners. Shields shrugged him off and said him & Valentino will be defending the belts tonight because Beverly is off training for his PWO Heavyweight Title match against Johnny Gargano. Shields said Beverly will bring the gold back to Sex Appeal. Shields closed by saying they will squash the pimple know as Fontaine’s Freaks tonight.

Analysis: If Shields could have gotten a little more emotion into this promo, it would have rocked even more. It was good though and Valentino played just enough of a goof to make Shields look better.

Joe Dombrowski was having a sit down interview with Aaron Draven. Dombrowski said that he has a big challenge. Dombrowski said that Draven was befuddling and asked if he was on any pain pills. Draven acted like he was on the drugs by calling Dombrowski “Shivani”. Draven’s title belt siad that he was going to need to be on his toes next week because Benjamin Boone will be ringside next week.

Analysis: They’re doing a drug addict story line!I’m not sure if I love it or think it’s ridiculous. I think the acting made it ridiculous actually. Draven wasnt too convinvcing. So I like the idea, but the execution was off.

A CWE match was on PWO TV. Kevin Bradway was facing Ryan Burke. Another announcer joined Dombrowski. They mentioned their sponors while the match went on. That was awful. Burke was on the offensive first. Bradway crotched Burke on the top rope then gave him a neck breaker. Bradway started doing cart wheels. Bradway choked Burke on the second rope then catapulted him into the lowest rope.  Bradway hit a nice fisherman’s buster but only ot a two count.  Burke hit a shoulder block and took over.  Burke clotheslined Bradway three times.  The announcers said they were familar with each other. Burke went for a cross body but Bradway rolled through and got the the three count with a handful of tights.

Analysis: I’m not sure who the other announcer was but it’ll be too soon the next time I hear him again. The match was a little strange. Bradway’s look and cart wheeling was just plain weird. The match was wrestled fairly well though.

Lauren, the new backstage interviewer (and not the old TNA one), introduced Jason Bane. She said in two weeks until his next match against Benjamin Boone. Bane said that he is more motivated than ever before. He said his sights are set on the PWO Heavyweight Title.

Analysis: He bascially had the same promo without the backstage reporter, last week. It was well done then and again.

Vic Travagliante interviewed N8 Mattsn & Benjamin Boone.Vic asked why Michigan is better than Ohio. Mattson said that the best wrestlers come from Michigan and the fans are more knowdledgable. Mattson then went on to say that because of his guidance Boone hasn’t lost. Mattson said that he plans to start dominating the PWO by winning the TV Title. Vic said that asked why Boone was going to take on Jason Bane next week. Mattson answered that it’s because he’s a stepping stone to dominate PWO.  Boone finally piped up and said that Bane’s reign as PWO’s most dominant man are coming to a close.

Analysis: Solid promo that continues the bane of my existance which is the Ohio vs. Michigan yapping. At least Mattson seems to be turning over a new leaf and talking about dominating the PWO.

They replayed the entire match in which Sex Appeal captured the Tag Team Titles. Analysis: I think they have enough people on the roster to fill this time so I’m not sure why this wasn’t used to squeeze in another promo, interview, match or at least lengthening one of the matches on the show. They could have showed the highlights just remind everyone that Sex Appeal won the titles.

Bobby Shields & Nicky Valentino came to the ring escorted by Dawn Decadence. Joe Dombrowski wondered why Bobby Beverly didn’t come to the ring and noted that because of their contract, any of the three members of Sex Appeal can wrestle which is called the “Free Bird” Rule by long time fans. Dombrowski also said it’s a big advantage since their opponents never know which combination of them they will be wrestling.

After a commercial break, “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine came to the ring by himself and grabbed a mic. He said that he came to the ring by himself and that he could kick both of their butts but he proposed facing just one of them and if he won, they could wrestle another time when he can get an opponent to show up. Bobby Shields gave is title to Valentinoand took up the offer. Dombrowski & Maguire bantered about Noj and Marion Fontaine’s relationship while the action was slow. Shields hit a jaw jacker. Fontaine took over while Shields did jumping jacks. Shields rolled out of the ring and Fontaine went out and gave Shields & Valentino a double noggin knocker. Valentino distracted Fontaine. Shields slapped on a reverse chin lock. Shields gave Fontaine a nice looking back breaker. Fontaine caught Shields charging into a corner then exuted a tornado DDT. Fontaine went for a pin after a back drop but barely got a two count. Dawn Decadence grabbed Fontaine’s leg which gave Shields recovery time. Shields then hit the “Gorey Special” to get the three count.

Analysis: The match was solid with a couple of minor botches where they didn’t look like they knew who was supposed to do what in the ring. Always good to give the heels a win by using the numbers game but the interference was too obvious for the referee not to call for a disqualification. Valentino distracting the referee would have solved that problem.

Fontaine grabbed the mic after the match. He said that if he wasn’t associated with a bunch of freaks, he might have ahd someone backing him up. He said that it’s the PWO’s fault that he associated with the freaks because they suggested all of these bad friends. He said that PWO tried to convince him he was someone he wasn’t. Fontaine said that he’s going to be the “Megastar” from now on and that he doesn’t need any freaks.

Analysis: Outstanding promo. It might have been the best I’ve seen on Pro Wrestling Ohio TV. I’m always critical of Fontaine’s look (tall and really skinny) but the mic work (if it continues) will make up for it.

Final Analysis: Bender vs. Cross +1, Sex Appeal promo +1, Draven interview 0, Bradway vs. Burke 0,  Bane interview +1, Boone/Mattson interview +1, Match replay -1, Fontaine vs. Shields 0, Fontaine promo +2. Total: 5/9. The match replay brought the score down for me but they still fit in more segments than normal (usually 7, sometimes 8). The ending really helped out and I think they probably needed another heel around to help even out the roster.

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