PWO – Season 3 – Episode 14

There's a mosh pit at the end of the show. Find out why after the jump!


Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire, with Mr. Brinks, hyped the PWO Heavyweight Title defense by Johnny Gargano against “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine in the main event. Nicky Valentino came to the ring with Dawn Decadence to take on Matthew Justice. Valentino started off by doing a pose down with Justice then went for the Greco-Roman knuckle lock even though he was quite a bit shorter and smaller than Justice.  Maguire noted Valentino’s strength despite his size.  Justice hit an atomic drop then a Rough Rider leg lariat. Justice suicide dove through the ropes.  Decadence held Justice’s leg when he got into the ring which gave Valentino time to drop kick him.  Valentino slapped on a reverse chin lock. Valentino clotheslined Justice while he was seated on the mat. Justice got his feet up when Valentino went for a top rope move. Justice got a two count after a power slam.  Valentino hit a reverse DDT. Justice hit a spring board clothesline but then Bobby Shields & Bobby Beverly interfered. Michael “The Bomber” Facade made the save with a chair in hand.
Analysis: It’s not just a PWO problem but when someone gets the boots up for a move that doesn’t look like it can be executed on a  prone opponent, it always annoys me. That’s why I said “top rope move” because one should be missing a frog splash or some similar move that’d make sense in that context. That being said, it was a good match that give Facade & Justice an almost official title of a tag team. They have similar styles and helps the depth in the PWO for the division. I liked the timing of the interference too because it does leave pen the idea that Valentino may have been able to kick out so he’s protected a bit more. Score: +1.
“Omega” Aaron Draven said his TV Title is his whole life. He went on to say he underestimated N8 Mattson. Draven went on to compare himself to Rocky who underestimated Clubber Lang. He said he’ll train as hard as he can to get that title back just like Rocky did. Draven said even if he needs to go through Benjamin Boone, he’ll do it to get back “his” PWO TV Title.
Analysis: He showed good fire but seemed to lose track of his thoughts a little bit so it was choppy.  He also looked down too much. It was better than his last promo though so he’s headed in the right direction. Score: 0.
Bobby Beverly said he didn’t see who laid him out in the back last week. He knows that it was Gregory Iron because he was jealous of him for having two good hands and is the sexiest man in PWO. Beverly vowed to take him out because of the sneak attack.
Analysis: I’d be surprised if it was Iron who took him out. Good promo blaming the logical person since they have been feuding recently and in the past. Score: +1.
Chest Flexor made his debut. Dombrowski asked Maguire if it was possible. Maguire said yes because he likes to attack people from behind. Dombrowski said there was no way he would have done it and that his sources said that Gregory Iron will have a rebuttal later in the show. Maguire told him that his sources at Stunt said he was full of mularkey. Krimson came to the ring with the black & white filter on. Flexor looked scared of Krimson. Krimson hit a clothesline that sent Flexor out of the ring. Krimson threw Flexor into the ring barrier, then threw him head first into the seat of a chair. Krimson kneed Flexor in the back then bounced off the ropes for a clothesline to the back of the head.  The announcers mentioned how much of an annihilation this match was. Krimson hit a Roll of the Dice. At the two count, Krimson left ringside which allowed Flexor to win the match.
Analysis: It was good to bring in fresh meat to feed Krimson but he still seems to have no direction. His in ring skills look quite good so I wish he was utilized better. Score: +1.
Gregory Iron said that he didn’t attack Beverly last week. Iron said he’d only attack him face to face. Iron said he will knock him out, but it’s going to be face to face. Analysis: Good direct baby face rebuttal. Score: +1.
“The Megastar” Marion Fontaine came to the ring. The announcers mentioned his step up to the main event after losing “The Freaks”. Johnny Gargano came to ring side and milled around the crowd. Dombrowski noted the number of challengers Gargano has waiting for him. (The main event started with 21 minutes left on my DVR.) Fontaine ducked out of the ring before an initial tie up. Fontaine shoved Gargano who was corned. Gargano responded by shoving Fontain across to the other corner. The announcers noted Beverly coming out to ring side. Iron came to ring side a little bit later.  Gargano dropped Fontaine from a Samoan Drop position then gave him a low diamond cutter.  Gargano pointed to all four corners and rammed Fonatine’s head off of the turn buckles. Gargano spring board splashed Fontaine.  “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross & Jason Bane came to ring side. Fontaine turned things around with an arm bar take down. The Son of Michigan came to ring side also. Fontaine continued to work on Gargano’s left arm (Gargano is lefthanded which makes this line attack a bit more interesting than normal). Gargano tried to turn things around but rammed his shoulder into the ring post when Fontaine moved out of the corner. Fontaine trash talked some fans.  Gargano got back dropped onto the floor. Fontaine slammed Gargano’s arm onto the ring apron. Gargano sling shot speared Fontaine but couldn’t capitalize because it was his injured shoulder he hit Fontaine with. Gargano winced every time he used his left arm. Gargano hit a standing diamond cutter for a two count. Fontaine took down Gargano with an arm bar again. Gargano followed Fontaine to the opposite corner and caught him with a double knee lfit.  Gargano then threw Fontane into the middle turnbuckle like a javelin. Fontaine DVDed Gargano but only got a two count. Fontaine went straight back into the arm bar. They exchanged kicks. Gargano took down Fontaine with another clothesline but couldn’t capitalize because of the use of the left arm again. Fontaine almost got away with holding the ropes but the referee caught him. Fontaine missed a lionsault. Gargano super kicked him then hit “Uniquely You” for the victory.
All of the people at ringside came into the ring and attacked each other. Gargano got to the outside of the ring but looked concerned at the number of challengers he has.
Analysis: Can’t say enough good things about this match. It was well executed on both men’s part. The production people front loaded all of the commercials so that the match went 21 minutes without a break. The mosh at the end was a good way to hype the tournament in the upcoming weeks featuring 6 of the 8 wrestlers who will be in it. Score: +2.
Total Score: 6/7. Final Analysis: Best show of the season. I gave the Krimson segment a +1 because they have a direction for him that I’m hoping they will reveal later. If they don’t, they’re wasting an awful lot of time with him for his vignettes and in ring time. I gave “Omega” Aaron Draven’s segment a 0 because I thought the fire he showed was an improvement from his previous promos even if he still had some deficiences.  The downsides weren’t enough to warrant a -1 in my book.
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